Monkey love

I had my first modelling job yesterday! a nice girl asked me to model this ballgown for her. I think its very stylish, what do you think? funny because its perfect for the monkey lovers ball I was planning on going to next week! now all I need is a date...

p.s. let me know if you would like to see me in something special xx


hi!monkey said...

i'd be honored to escort you to the ball, mlle. fifi.

missallfun said...

oh Im soo excited to get my gucci and chanel!!! your amazingly fun. visit me at http://missallfun.blogspot.com

the lipstick lady said...

your blog is so cool! that dress is very funky, although I don't see it working on me.

Anonymous said...

it's spelt heiress, not haress. sorry, it was bothering me. Otherwise, that's a cool dress but it's not my style

tricia said...

anonymous: fifi spells "haress" as she does because she's a HARE. in other words, a RABBIT, or if you like, a BUNNY. in other words, it's a play on words! *sigh*

love the dress miss fifi. you have sass. :)

maya said...

id love to see you in this!

Alyssa said...

Ah Monkey Love...I need it!

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