My weekend of wearing Marc

Continuing my love of Marc by Marc Jacobs I spent most of the weekend honouring his talent. this was Friday nights outfit. A new art gallery opening. The giant polystyrene carrots didn't really do it for me but they did make me ravenous so we stopped off at a darling little sushi bar (vegetarian option for me). When we came out the paparazzi had turned up. Someone must have tipped them off. I pretend to be annoyed, but secretly I was quite pleased as i haven't been papped for a while and this was the perfect outfit for it!

This was Saturdays outfit, I went to visit my great aunt who lives in a ramshackle old mansion in the countryside. She never had any kits (baby rabbit) so she ended up with lots of cats. Such a cliche! If that was me I'd have llamas or snow leopards or flamingos.

On Sunday we cycled to the local flea market. I felt it was a very Parisian thing to do so decided to wear this little ensemble. I got a wink from a boy on one of the stalls so that made me happy for about five minutes until I realised that they didn't take cards, how backwards is that!


Portillon said...

Have your illustrations been published somewhere? They're so brilliant. Very Lula.

Anna said...

I loved hearing what you got up to on the weekend Fifi and those outfits were to die for! You looked gorgeous in every one of them - no wonder the papparazzi was wanting to photograph you!

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