Some of you may have wondered what I've been up to in my recent absence. there was rumours of Mr McGregor catching up with me and a faint smell of stew but fear not, the real reason is because I have met a very nice boy and he seems to have taken up all my spare moments (i.e. when I'm not shopping for clothes or munching on a la carte carrots). So anyway I'd like to introduce you to my friend (who just happens to be a boy - its far too early at this stage to say 'BF')
.....Sonny Hare

(here we are in Bottega Venetta - isn't he yummy!)


Shoutycrackers said...

Fifi! Just discovered you by way of my Etsy addiction. Love your blog, and your beautiful drawings. I even blogged about you on my humble blog (hope you don't mind). How much do you charge for private commissions?

Anonymous said...

How do you do, sir? lol I admit Fifi - he's a cutie but only fools rush in & I know that you're no fool with fashion sense like you've got, my dear :)

I absolutely ADORE these drawings! OMG! I cannot believe I didn't discover your collections sooner & I'm v.proud of the original I bought from you on Etsy this week. Got it this morning & I'm chuffed 2 bits! :D

Keep up the fab work, hun!

Sarah xox

Pippa said...

what a handsome pair you make.

maya said...

you guys make an adorable couple!

Candid Cool said...

stylish looks

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