Hi guys, how have you been? I've been amazingly busy but don't worry behind the scenes I have been wearing some truly fabulous outfits. Today I've chosen this little red number by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

now what to wear next? I fancy a bit more Sonia Rykiel, which one do you reckon? A or B??


delilah tyler said...

A! orange every time

Lola is Beauty said...

oh thank goodness, I was starting to get the ominous word (whisper it) "stew" popping into my head. welcome back...x

Magali said...

welcome back fifi.
nice to see you again!
come back soon with new outfits!!

Summer said...

Hello Fifi! Where have you been, I was getting worried!

I pick A.

Anonymous said...

A is a very cute outfit!

s p i f f e e said...

glad to see you back =)

i agree ... option A

Pippa said...


Irina said...

gorgeous honey! we should book a flight to capri and enjoy the sun with awesome italian fishermen ;)

ed said...








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