I have been getting a few link requests recently so I thought I would make a friends of Fifi list, if you'd like to be included in the list please send me your blog address via this post in the comments
bunny kisses


LeEtta said...

I would love to be a friend of FIFI. My blog address is here: http://bean.theLeEMSmachine.com

samantha said...



lapin said...

hola bunny !

summa07babes said...

I love love love your blog so i would love love love if u could be a friend of FIFI
here is my link


amber said...

me too! i wrote a post about Fifi - she's my new role model.



Suzie said...

hooray I love Fifi, she's a fashion icon, would be wonderful to be an official "friend"!


Miho Sakato said...

OH! I am glad.


lauracrow said...

oh...to be fifi's friend:)

miss fashion said...


mariaplays said...

hi fifi!i would love to be linked to your site.i love reading your posts.

mine is mariaplays.blogspot.com can i link you too?

................................................................... said...

hey, would love to be included.

fifi is on my a-class blog list :)

jyin said...

fifi is gorgeous !
love this blog


JHill said...

i heart FIFI!

missallfun said...

I would love to be one of FIFI's pals! www.missallfun.com

indi said...

wow your a wonderfully friendly bunny!

Elzaz said...

Lovely drawings !
I put a link to your blog on mine


elsa, London

lisa mona said...

oh how i love your work! i would love to be your friend:D all outfits are gorgz but the late valentino one.. is so fifi-like! valentino could have copied it from you!!

lisa mona said...

i'm adding u to my blog too!!

Kasmira said...

What I Wore Today

Thanks! You're on my blogroll.

Romeika said...

Oh absolutely!

Here's my blog address: http://aroom-of-ones-own.blogspot.com/

Sophie said...

Hi, I just love all of your gorgeous drawings! :D I would love to get in contact with you but I can’t find your e-mail anywhere at your blog. So please contact me at sophiesfashion_blogg@yahoo.se

Looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards Sophie ♥

PS I would love to be a friend of FIFI!:)

La Primavera said...

I would adore to be included! My blog is La Primavera, and it is in this address: http://blogforclothes.blogspot.com.

AnastasiaC said...

definetely a friend of Fifi's here!!

Alice Saga said...

would love to.


Anonymous said...

oh MY! I am such a friend of of Fifi-- whenever I am blue and sad I just come here and her perfect outfit and quick wit raises my spirits so . . .of course I also come here when I am happy as a visit to Fifi makes me even happier.


The Stiletto Effect said...

i adore your blog, i really do! Fifi is a cutie :)
lets exchange links :)

Lola is Beauty said...

bunnies and cats can be friends...Lola would love to be a friend of Fifi...


p.s: every time I look here I think of Lula magazine - have you hopped over there? I'm sure they'd love you...

Samantha said...

I'm launching an art blog in a week and Fifi is just the kind of friend I need for support. Please sign me up!

Samantha said...


Ariel said...

rad! please add me in.

Anonymous said...

would love to be FIFI's friend!

Danielle said...

it would be such an honour to be linked by fifi ;-) thank you!


cc said...

yayYAY fifi is too cool

rachel said...

i adore your artwork and posts; they're always so beautiful!


would love to be a friend of fifi :)

WendyB said...

I would love to be included. Funny, I was just re-checking your URL to write a little post about you!

Le Chat said...

Good idea ! I'm french & I like your drawings... sorry my english is awful ;-)

WendyB said...

Hi again Fifi...here's my blog on you

Fröken Marang said...

I would like to be a friend of Fifi.

JordanSparkle said...

Hey FIFI lovin the blog girl! Please add me as a friend and check out my fash blog! http://www.jordanthefashionisto.blogspot.com

thanks hun xox

LastNight said...



Ringo, have a banana! said...

Oooh, I'd love to be blog pals! I added a little picture-link to your blog on mine! http://ringohaveabanana.blogspot.com

Pippa said...

wow, you've got more friends than i've had hot dinners! i'd like to think i am a true friend and a kindred spirit so if you have room for me I'd love to be on your friends list.



Chelsamajiggy said...

I would love to be a friend of FIFI. I recently discovered Fifi's blog. Fifi is un lapin chic, n'est-ce pas?

I must also express condolences to my favourite lapin, though, seeing as 256 siblings of yours passed away, due to a terrible bout of the myxoma virus.

So ..... how much are you inheriting as the heiress of the Lapin carrot fortune?

Just kidding.

This is my blog:

Frances said...

Hi, I'm inquiring about getting a drawing of an outfit that you haven't made..how long would it take? You can email me at Kwonf223@newschool.edu, thanks.

Chelsey Loren said...

I love Fifi! :)

www.chelseylorenbelts.com :)

Meighan said...

Hi, LOVE your blog and would love it if you would consider including my link in your Friends of Fifi list... I am a designer/artist.



lerieluvlie said...

sexy blog fifi!


chic-pronounced as shic

see ya babe!

Marie said...

that would be so great!! thanks!

t.miyashiro said...

fifi always makes me smile!

Silvi Prado said...

Lovely drawings ! I would love to be included.

I'll put a link to your blog on mine



left-turns said...

I've already linked your page.

Lerieluvlie said...

hi fifi, i must have put the wrong link to my blog....its:


thanks babes, love the blog....

telmusia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
telmusia said...

i love fifi too! i mean i love bunnies, but there's nothing more that i love than a fashionista bunnny. viva la fifi.

this is me:


Alysia said...

I'd love to be a friend of FIFI


Heather said...

I'd like to!


*konstanza* said...



erandi said...


i love you fifi :)

Vicki said...

Wow you're a popular bunny! There are some fantastic links here too.

and I'm greedy because I have 2 blogs...

This is my designy/arty/typography/stuff one

and my personal one
but this one is probably a little dull if you don't already know me, it has to be said...

Jen (Pink) Williams said...

I would love to be Fifi's friend - does this mean I can borrow her outfits? I wish! Here's my lil' blog: www.totallylikepink.blogspot.com

Ps...I also have a crush on Sonny. He's so cute in that NY tshirt!

samantha said...

Can Maquette blog be Fifi's pal?


luxe luthor said...

I would love to be a friend of Fifi! I've already made you a friend of mine :)

Rosa Maria Bertoli said...

just made a post about fifi in my italian fashion blog. i love your work!

christi said...

Fifi you are the best bunny ever. I found your shop on Etsy, which led me to your blog and I had to give you some props on my own blog. http://www.christipier.com/blog/

fashionista said...

i heart fifi.
i would love to be your friend.


thedelicatemink said...

FIFI is lovely...


artycho said...

I would be your friend dear fifi, if I may...

sylvia may said...

lets be friends Fifi !

Anonymous said...

does fifi like jewelry?

silly crimes said...

you're a friend of mine, cutie :)

Freya Potter. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freya Potter. said...

I♥Fifi (:



Style Bite said...

I heart FIFI and would love to be her friend!


Jessica N. Condatore said...

I love Fifi and plan on blogging about her soon!

trendinista said...

Trendinista loves Fifi! Let's trade links :)

John Marshal said...

Love to be a friend of FIFI.

My site : http://www.glimmerrocks.com

John Marshal

inkygirl said...

Hi Fifi, I would love to be a friend.

My links are


Keep drawing please.


noodleope :D said...

xyahey fif is looking gorgoeus cant wait for the next season!


danica said...

I would be delighted to be a friend of Fifi. She is fabulous :)

My blog address is: http://ooamouroo.blogspot.com

ishi said...

can't wait til your shop opens back up!


Muriel Mercurial said...

I can't wait until the next season comes out! Her outfits are so beautiful and she always looks so put together.

I would love to be a friend of Fifi's! I'm Muriel and my address is:


gracesecret said...

i <3 fifi (no explaination required)


niki said...

more fifi love!


niki said...

oops. thats just immaculate-collection. no v.

James Mountford said...

Ahhh FiFi i would love to be your friend but only as long as you wear your Temperley dress and hat...


Adge said...

I have recently discovered Fifi and think its fantastic (I'm a big fan rabbits). I would love to become a friend so here's my address :http://hipstersbeware.blogspot.com/

Rachelmp said...

I would just love to be a friend of Fifi http://fourwisemonkeys.blogspot.com

Babyccino said...

Hi Fifi!
We recently found your blog and we are all in love! We wish we could be you, if only for a day! :)
We recently wrote a post about you on our site, Babyccino.
We would love to be considered one of your friends!
Our site address is: http://babyccinoblog.com

xoxo, Courtney, Esther, Michela and Emilie

Bliss in the city... said...

I just met fifi and think she is the cutest! I would love to be her friend!

Tee said...

nzgirl hearts Fifi and wants to be her friend!

We hot fived you this week lovely http://www.nzgirl.co.nz/articles/9812

abril said...

ME!! ME!! I'M A FRIEND OF FIFI! or at least want to be..lol. kiss

colorcast said...

I ADORE fifi!! I want to be a fifi friend ^ _ ^


ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ashley said...

oui oui! FIFI- je suis une ami aussi!
have linked your wonderful blog-hope that is okay!

Mima said...

I would like to become a fiend of Fifi!!!


love you Fifi, yours Mima

margaux said...

i just recently discovered fifi and i adore her. :) i hope it's all right if i occasionally post about her... with credit of course! xoxo


Fiona said...

Hi Fifi - me too me too!
Your blog is gorgeous (and you have my nickname)
My blog is Designova at
So glad I found you...

Jessica @ The Love List said...

i've had an i heart fifi image on my blog for months :) i love fifi!

Kimberlee said...

HELLO Fifi! Can I pretty please with cherries on top be a friend of Fi fi? - I've alredy done a little post on you and after months of stalking your etsy shop I squealed with delight when I opened to see there are gorgeous portraits of your very self up for a sale again! So i've bought the little lacoste one and I promise, it won't be my last purchase either! Thank you so much xx

Chloe Windle said...

I would also like to share the fifi friend love >_<


sukey2studio@gmail.com said...

i wish fifi lapin was real!

sarah said...

oh yay! i'd love to befriend fifi!

my blog addy:

;o) cheers!

Scarlata said...

I would love to have you as my friend!


Thank you!

Neuf Francs said...

je t'aime Fifi Lapin! I hope you don't mind but I wrote about your fantastic Fifi on my blog! I would love to be a friend!

V said...

Bonjour ma tres chere Fifi, I absolutely adore your style (and your clothes!), and I think we would make great friends!

here's my blog ; http://www.style-bites.blogspot.com

taramichele said...

Fifi Darling...I think we met once...your sister lived in the rabbit hutch at my friend's place and you dropped by in a fabulous pair of Manolos. Anyway, i was just mentioning you on my tres chic little blog the other day, please drop by and add me as a friend.

gaia mariana said...

My blog address is: www.nantesnantes.blogspot.com and I would love to be your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hello my dearest Fifi! My blog is www.codeforsomething.com, a wee place for me to muse on culture and style. And you being one fashionable bunny, I have added you to my very select links list. Would love to stay in touch. Much love! Amber :: Code For Something

Jamie London said...

I would love to be friends! I've been a fan for the longest time. Keep on rocking little bunny, lots of hugs xxx



Claudia Pimenta said...

hi fifi! i live in brazil and i'm a big fan of yours! i come here everyday and i would love being your friend! my blogs are in portuguese but i invite you to visit them - welcome there! these are my links:
see you soon! brazilian kisses!!!

youarestellar said...

love love love your drawings! so adorable. Id love to be friends!!


Julietta said...


Thanx cutie :)

Secretaria Suplente said...

Dear Fifi!

I'm Crethina O.
You'll be the next fashion icon in my blog.
I need to tell you: I love your name, so elegant & I love your wardrobe...so expensive & always at the last call of fashion!


tuntra said...

Hello Fifi, Valentina here. I'd be very grateful if I could be put up as one of Fifi's friends. Thanks =]

Top bird said...

Hi Fifi,

I'd love to be your friend. My blog is Wee Birdy (www.weebirdy.com).

love, Top Bird

p.s. you can my post read about yourself on Wee Birdy here:


Gloria said...

My blog is about the cross-section of animals and fashion-- something I think you could appreciate fifi! Would love to be blogroll buddies with you ;)


Drop me a note when you add me so I can link you back asap! <3

moxie said...


Manic Trout said...

I recently found Fifi on Etsy and adore your blog! I have added you to my blog roll abd would love to be a friend! http://manictrout.blogspot.com/ Best Wishes, Sierra

Dianne Hadaway said...

Ooooh La La! Thanks to the Daily Buss I just discovered your bunnyliciousness! Please count me as a friend. I am so in love with your blog and your style and your everything! My blog addy is http://mamaspocketbook.blogspot.com/ (and soon a new blog at http://frenchdamask.blogspot.com/)
Either one is fine, though the first is the most popular one at the moment.

Lemonshake said...

I'm in love with all your outfits!

(I'm just getting started)

Carnivalisation said...

I love to be one of fifi's friend...I love all the dresses you wear:


Kitten by Carnival

halz-haz-a-say said...

i just made a post about you today!
linked you too!
much love,


Kyle T. Webster said...

Hi, Fifi,
HGTV in Canada just blogged about you and me in a an entry about art blogs. Friends?
The Daily Figure

Krys said...

i would love to be a friend. here's my url: http://finesocial.blogspot.com

thanx ^_^

Sarah Chaves Brasseur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susan Yun said...

I love your drawing and prints! I would like to be your friend. I added your link and a posting about you to my blog. Would be so happy if you added mine.


c h a n t e l l e said...

I adore Fifi... this is the most gorgeous blog!


jamie said...

i actually recently wrote about how much i love fifi lapin in my blog. i adore you and completely identify with the betsy johnson clad francophile fifi, listening to "where do you go to my lovely" on repeat:


dittanyaa said...

heheh. yay yay!
really love your blog fifi.
the illustrations and contents superb!


Zohra said...

Fifi, I might dare say that your blog is my favorite on the whole of the internet!

It would make my day to become an affiliate of your site.


mermaid said...

i am totally a friend of Fifi's!! :]

Anonymous said...


-yay thanks <3

mk said...

I love bunny's especially when they're well dressed!
I am just getting this blog started!

syd vicious said...

You're so creative, it's inspiring really.


i.itch.illustrations said...

My fashion-na-nimal girls would love to have a walk in the park with you :). Warm wishes from Les filles de Mode la forêt.


Rocco Frediani & Ilaria Boeddu said...

Dear Fifi,
We like your work very much..it's original, cute and funny...
We would like to be your friend and we hope you do not mind if we will post one of your picture and write something about you in our blog...
If you do not want it, just tell us!
Thank you very much...and good work!

Dynrms said...

lovely bunny!
i adore your works


ed said...

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