the one with the waggly tail...

Heres my first outfit from the autumn/winter collections, its Betsey Johnson and it goes really really well with my new puppy! Yes finally I have a little four legged friend! Shes a heinz 57 mutt and proud of it! Interests include running crazy circles, collecting stuffed animals and meeting new people (absolutely refusing to continue on a walk unless every single person we see stops to pet her) shes just the best fashion accessory I could ever wish for!

I haven't thought of a name for her yet so I thought I would enlist your help! and you early birds have a running start, leave me name suggestions in the comments (make sure you leave your blog link so I can find you if you win!) and come back on monday for more details on how you can WIN THE ONE WITH THE WAGGLY TAIL....


Cool Like Chloe said...

give her a fashion name:)


i also really like blair

nydampress said...
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sarah said...

Princess Pepperpot. You could call her Pepper for short.

Anonymous said...

I think coco is a great name

layersofmeaning said...


Laura said...

How about Scout, Chloe, Bailey, Bijou, Sadie or Salome.
Just a few thoughts

kapcity said...

She looks like a Stella to me!

I can hear you calling her now. "Stella, come on girl its time to go shopping."

What a cutie she is!

david said...



Karen said...

Godiva...because next to a new puppy, a girl's best friend is chocolate.

MeganRuth said...


Stephanie said...

Missy, Mitzi, Gigi, or Yves?

Ting said...
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Ting said...

bonbon! <3

Silvi Prado said...


rachz said...


SPT said...

Isabelle or Manhattan.

I also agree with Stella!

miss fashion said...

i <3 stella.
=] very fitting for a fashionistas dogg.

WendyB said...

Aw! Cute doggie!

Candid Cool said...

I adore that coat

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