I'm back!!

well I'm back from my little holiday, I've got nice tan marks in my fur!

while I was away one of my friends J sent me this link http://minadjarot.blogspot.com/

wow J thats weird isnt it!! such a conincidence that Mina...
'is one of the 1275 in the colony, and the last ewe survived during 2033’s nuke war'
just like fifi and her brothers and sisters with the mixamatosis! and weirder still that the sheep is into fashion and numbers her outfits just like fifi and how her name is short and sweet just like Fifi!
is it a coincidence? should I be flattered?
there will always be celebrity impersonators but there will only ever be one fifi!!

p.s. heres a bit of my fave show from last season for you xxx


freelaner's fashionblog said...

This is the first time I visit your blog and I'm loving it!

MªElena Ramírez said...

I love chanel latest collection!
hugs fifi :)

Mrs Fashion said...

Well they do say there's no such thing as a new idea don't they?!

Anonymous said...

awww love ur drawingsss!!!Fifi is soo cute!!

Suzie said...

oh dear! Well the best fashion always spurns cheap imitations doesn't it? You look much better in it darling, and I mean that. Button and Squiggle love you. Button actually wanted to give you a rose but then Squiggle ate it, what a mean sister!


Girl and the City said...

Haha - funny, but you're right, there's only one Fifi! And we could never replace her ever! :-)

xox Girl and the City (in Paris)


krissy said...

a cheap imitation indeed!

Lola is Beauty said...

that is just too weird~

Anonymous said...

so what?
dont be such a vain bitch
your like the millionth person to dress up an animal in fashion
stop flattering yourself

FIFI said...

ha ha!!!
thats so funny, Fifi is a vain bitch, she dresses up in outfits and then has her picture taken! you can't get more vain than that!

also she is a spoilt brat - you would be too if daddy paid for whatever you wanted at the snap of a paw

also she has a bit of a problem with sheep - remember the 'sonnys cousin' incident

so you will just have to forgive her for sulking

(though the sheep being the last of 1275 in the colony because of a nuclear bomb and the fact that fifi is the last of 257 brothers and sisters who died in a mixamatosis outbreak is quite a coincidence - don't you think)

there she goes again!

no really, point taken! =;X)

Candid Cool said...

chanel suits fifi

art4friends said...

i love fifi

and sheep smell funny

Mine said...

I must say- Fifi is a classy one.Very nice! :)

isis said...

Artsy Fifi! I loved these!

Jen (Pink) Williams said...

Silly sheep, they're always jealous of cute bunnies. I think Mina is the Forever 21 to Fifi's couture.

WendyB said...

"tan marks in my fur" ...LOL!!!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

That sheep's got nothing on you, Fifi darling.
Don't you worry your precious little head about it.


Hunter said...

it seems to me that mina is more avant-garde than fifi. has fifi ever worn balenciaga or yohji? what about maision? i dont think so...

La gamine said...

Oooooh Is sooooooooooooooooo cute
sorry i'm speak not english! :S
I'm 1" years old, i'm from belgium! :D
Sorry for this message so....confuse??! :S :S

ed said...








Salty Bodice Ripper said...

I came across your blog 2 days back when I was reading The Skinny (F21 blog)

Personally I think your bunny creation is cute, and I know why Japs and Koreans love your blog and work so much. They like "kawaii" things, which reminds me of this old Japanese manga (Chobits, pronounced as cho-bitzaah) where the heroin of the comic secretly wrote a book about a melancholic bunny-like-creature;same exact ears and all, Google it!

Lol, I saw Mina's blog and I have a feeling she could be a Malay, Singaporean or an Indonesian. Funny thing is she did mention you in her biodata. The word "arnab" means rabbit.

I can't afford any of the clothes you wear and throw, but its nice knowing you can. I spent the whole day at work yesterday reading your blog! It made me happy and warm inside. Thank you for cheering me up. Im not a fashionista (can't afford the lux) but I love my clothes all the same.

It's great knowing you can wear all your lovely clothes around without being mocked at. Over here, if someone makes a fashion statement, the general public laugh, point and mock them. Most of the people in Malaysia are not well-educated, and have never heard of Vogue or Oprah...sad....but you inspire me to look at clothes i wear at a different angle. I might just hit some more affordable stores this weekend...you have a great blog.

Merry Christmas

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