Balenciaga blues

hmm, Agyness Deyn on the cover of British Vogue, what I'd do to have her legs... at least I have a matching wardrobe. Here's my take on Balenciaga


kapcity said...

Oh those legs! Wouldn't we all kill for them...lucky!

Agata said...

You look amazing :))

FunkyLuv said...

OH Agness looks beautiful on this cover!!!!

Anonymous said...

fifi u've got hotter gams than those of agy's :)

would love to see you in chanel's red&white striped tweed jacket!

Elisabeth said...

Ah, the fabled Balenciaga!

You work it well!

jo said...

i prefer the balenciaga on you! lol.

joyce said...

bunny legs are always cuter!
you look fab in the boots!
though i don't think the balenciaga do your collarbones justice!

ed said...

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