carrot shoes

hey everyone, do you think summers nearly here, well the forecast says its going to rain but the sun is shining his little heart out outside so I thought I would celebrate by wearing this sparkly blumarine mini.

This weekend I'm going to Paris with Sonny. He's plays guitar in a very cool band and has a gig in a very sweet little place off the Champs-Élysées. On Saturday he's planning on doing some record shopping. I have other ideas - First stop Colette!


p.s. Don't you just love these yummy carrot shoes, they make me wanna go right out and eat copious amounts of carrot cake.


Sophie said...

I’m so pleased to see that you are back! Hope you will have a nice trip and hope to see you soon!:) /Sophie♥

AnGeLiNe M. said...

I like your blog very very much, Fifi lapin is really fantastic!
I make illustrations too, at www.newsfromfashionillustrations.blogspot.com , and i add your link in, and make an illustration with fifi lapin, hope you enjoy!
have a good day!

(sorry if my english is not good, i hope you'll understand...)

danica said...

You look wonderful :)

Key said...

i want a pair of carrots shoes, too!!

ps: you have an amazing style!

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