painting the town red

I'm swishing up the red carpet in Cannes today so I thought I'd blend in with this cute little red number by Zac Posen.

p.s. I just had a rather interesting chat with Australian Vogue. Seems like they have noted my passion for fashion and are including me somewhere in their July issue. Keep a beady eye out for me!


Adge said...

Congrats! and Beautiful dress.

Elisabeth said...

Congrats for the Vogue promo ;)

Love the red dress - very nice!

Shelli said...

oooo vogue! yay! love the red dress!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Congrats on your inclusion in Vogue... that's really something! And it's all just out of blogging! You are talented though, of course ;)

Anna Laura said...

Ooh I will look out for it. I love love love your blog!

Lady Melbourne said...

We love you in Australia FiFi!

Paris said...

I could either sound like a loon or i'm completely right, i'm going to just ask...I recognise these bunnies, are you J Frakes? If so we are facebook buddies. I bloomin love your blog, what a life! Please come and visit my blog if you get the time, I put all of my illustration on there and it's fairly new : )

Paris x

miss fashion said...

That is amazing that you will be featured in Vogue! i will definitely buy it.

come look at my new blog, and im linking you if you dont mind!

Miho Sakato said...

hello FIFI!

i found 'YOU with ANNA SUI' in Tokyo!!!

G r e a t!


Anonymous said...

I think you would look lovely with some red lipstick.

Shiny Black Shoes said...

WOW you're so great! These illustrations are wonderful!

ed said...

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Katty said...

Very nice Fifi!
We love you in Perú!!

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