in love with luella



p* said...

wow! fabulous!i love it!

Luxe. said...

ah so cute!

laureilly1990 said...

haha, that's just the cutest little thing ever. Luella really has made an impact with that line. In fact, I'd say that outfit is currently one of the most coveted among bloggers.

Ashley L. said...

i love this! wonderful! :)

émilie said...

so cute! I really love your drawings. Adding you to my links.

Lady Melbourne said...

I've seen this look copied on blogs the world over and I definitely like yours the best!

Chantal said...

I love Luella and this outfit is AMAZING!

Miss Woo said...

Sweet, esp the nerd glasses!

Fashion Slacker said...

lovely. I love luella too!

Eloise said...

Hello Fifi! I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours yet.

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