sweet but not too cute

mmm - young uber talented brit designer Emma Cook does make the most deliciously sweet clothes...


Anne-So said...

Thank you for this precious link ! every single clothe is adorable !
Like your "Fifi wears today", as usual

Miss Woo said...

<3 Red suits Fifi extremely well..

Leslie said...

You wear red very well.

t.miyashiro said...

oh I'm sooo glad you are having a shoppe update soon!!

Chantal said...

Omg! I love all your newest outfits!

Kimberlee said...

ooohh, so gorgeous - i've been very patient but I can't wait any longer - when can we buy your beautiful prints again? xx

Kimberlee said...

is this one for sale? i think it would look lovely hanging next to fifi wearing lactoste summer 08 i bought on the weekend! x

ed said...


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