lovely in lavender

The trouble with some vintage is the smell. I had to have this fifties prom dress cleaned no less that seven times before it let go of its 'lost in the back of ancient grandmothers wardrobe for fifty years' smell. At least I can wear it now without Sonny mentioning lavender and mothballs!


sweetpea said...

Beautiful dress!

Pond Hopper said...

Where is Sonny!? We haven't heard or seen him in ages!!!

Savvy Gal said...

cute dress! wondering drawing!

Amelie / Ces petits riens parisiens said...

I'm fond of this one !

Penny said...

Fifi you look beautiful in vintage :)

Katlin at URPLE said...

Precious! That belt looks really cool too!

sparrow said...

Fifi darling, it's part of the price paid for wearing clothing with a history!

Elena said...

I hope that the dress smell like a new dress when you wash it for SEVEN times..wow
anyway,I think it worth it :)

Crispy Banana said...


paul said...

I've had the worst time with moth balls! The trick is just leaving it outside to have it air out! I swear, no soap, bubble, or chemical will do the trick quite like a day or two in the fresh air!

HANNAH-ZOË said...

cute dress! i know what you mean about vintage smelling bad! even some vintage shops smell yucky:)

jess.fashion156 said...

I absolutely hate it went there's a gorgeous vintage piece but it smells awful. At least Comfort exists!

C said...

your blog is really cute

a frenchy

Soul Tanggg said...

lol, I feel ya!
my whole closet has the 'vintage smell' unfortunately!

Coco Crush said...

Lovely dress!
The smell of vintage isn't.. ;)

Lady Melbourne said...

You can always remedy the smell of vintage though, then you will have a lovely lavender dress that no one else will!
How perfect!

Fashion Fleur said...

lovely!! fifi lapin is adorable..in fact all lapins are adorable.. anyways is this the lovely miss julia f?

FIFI said...

no sorry, fashion fleur, you have me mistaken for someone else

zoe ♥ said...

i love this dress! you look stunning fifi

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