seventies chic

These heart shaped glasses were my mothers in the seventies, they seem to making a big comeback as I've seen all sorts of celebs wearing them. The dungaree dress was also hers, makes me look about twelve but it's kinda fun. The boots weren't hers, she was more of a barefoot hippy type. I got these an age ago from portobello market, I have quite a few pairs of cowboy boots but these are definitely the most comfortable, that makes me think they have been worn a lot which makes me feel a little bit queasy - I shall try not to think about that any more!


Cebrita said...


1234 said...

cute cute cute!

sophiejade said...

That looks so cute on you!!

Anonymous said...

sooooooww cute !!!!!!
the kind of thing I could wear =D

Aurore said...

love it! the glasses are awesome!

Lady Melbourne said...

Aw Fifi how cool! I have the same pair only mine are black...wish I'd bought the red pair now because they're more iconic. This is such a sweet outfit.

riley said...

my mom always gets weirded out in thrift shops because she just thinks about all the different types of people that could have worn the clothes... i say if its cute, get it.

p.s. i love those sunglasses and recently ordered a pair of pink ones.

st. evita said...

you really do look so lovely in everything you wear! the sunnies are super cute :)

Pocahondas said...

Lovely! I really love your style of drawing!

Miss Woo said...

Utterly adorable, I wish I could pull off heart shape glasses

Muriel Mercurial said...

You pull those glasses off much better than anyone I've seen...

Makayla. said...

that is rather cute.

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