decisions decisions, which granny outfit to choose? well lunch yesterday with my grandparents was interesting to say the least (darling why have you fixed your fur like that, darling are you still seeing that boy, darling what are you wearing? oh vintage, how interesting etc. etc.) so I thought I would commiserate by popping down to the chazza (op shop) and thrifting out these two gorgeous outfits. They're a bit itchy but I think I am rockin this look and I have rediscovered hair clips which has made me really happy.

here's some more happy shopping tip offs just for you

I love this look it's kinda clown granny!

cute friday top (how appropriate) from french connection
bow front beret from urban outfitters
mini leather suitcase bag from etsy seller jessjamesjake
clown inspired shoes and sweet ruffle mini from Toppers

bunny kisses


Lady Melbourne said...

Oh granny cardigans, my favourite! I like to think of it as Nanna chic he he he.
Lovely prints on these dresses Fifi, very cute.

Stevie K. said...

Your drawings are beautiful!

1234 said...

i love the black top fifi.

miss a. said...

I love your blog. It makes me so happy. Bunnies are the best!

polly poptart. said...

I am absolutely enamored with this outfit. I also have clown inspired shoes. I wear them too much, if thats possible.

Top bird said...

I do love a good granny cardi - such a great look. Nice finds too, Fifi! xx

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