Recently I had a little soiree and the theme was 'fit for a princess' mainly as an excuse to wear this gorgeous Alexander McQueen ensemble, I hired the most amazing mismatching vintage tea set from The Crockery Cupboard, a sweet little hire company based in London town. I was very tempted to keep it all but then I guess nobody else would have a look in and I do like to share the love.

So darling aren't they? If (and this is a humongous if) I ever got married this is what I would use for the table settings with monogrammed white linen tablecloths and huge bunches of peonies in different shades of pink.... anyway a girl can dream!

Of course the best excuse for a party is pressies and these are some of the gorgeous things I was lucky enough to receive and of course they all fitted with the theme!

a darling lace embossed leather clutch purse from Makr

vintage vienna line palest peach sunnies

a pair of Grace mini bloomers from Si Belle (I am so planning to order more goodies from this shop)

an adorable Gryson handbag

and lastly but not leastly some designer doo doo bags for Stella that really made me laugh!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


The Stylish Wanderer said...

LOVE the newwest outfit.

EMILIE said...

those undergarments are gorgeous. so lovely and sheer and a pretty pink-mauve color.


Claudia Pimenta said...

hi fifi! a lovely princess!! kisses!

ed said...

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