I love this cute colorful collection from Tory Burch. Its perfect for a little holiday I have in mind
I'm planning a little trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona
and who better to show me around
lovely Lisa from antique and boutiques
ooh but what to choose, the vintage tour or the fashion tour
or how about a custom tour taking in the best of both with plenty of tea and cake breaks

'A&B offers an inside guide to Barcelona's boutiques, antiques and vintage stores. Small personal and tailor made tours that will guide you through the most vibrant and historical districts of the city as well as providing you with inside knowledge of the best bars and restaurants...'

sounds great doesn't it, anyone want to join me?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Donkey said...

Fifi, you look great in anything you wear!

Amelia said...

That tour sounds wonderful. I love the patterns in the first outfit.

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

Loving the Tory Burch!!!

millieloise said...

Barcelona is a fantastic place to visit!
I always visit the designer vintage store, they had a chanel suit from the 1980's last time I was there.. I can't remember the name of the store though!
I'd love to travel with you someday fifi.

jen stevens said...

i love these illustrations! You might like my bunny themed necklaces miss lapin xxx

SOS! said...

you're very talented..

Eli said...

eeeeeeep the yellow dress!

shloe said...

so cool!
very nice!

ambiquitous said...

what a lovely collection...your illustrations are fabulous.

ed said...


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