Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

we don't celebrate thanksgiving over here in the UK but sometimes I wish we did. It's a great time to stop and tell your friends and family how fantastic they are - bit like a bonus christmas!

so anyway, you're all fantastic!

bunny kisses


Claudia Pimenta said...

hi fifi! in brazil we don't either celebrate as in the usa, but it's really a time to pray and to love our family and friends! happy thanksgiving! kisses!

Katee "e-polishblog" said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Newborn Hippy. said...

happy thanksgiving to you too !

danica said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I see that you have the Princess Tina fox pouch - I have the brooch. What wonderful taste you have, of course :)

-h of candid cool said...

absolutely beautiful

Lady Melbourne said...

Beautiful pictures for a beautiful holiday!

Jasmina said...

pretty pics of U fifi, love that fox bag <3

Jade said...

Fifi, this is the first time i visit your blog, and i do like your works of fashionable bunnies! Because i was born in a Chinese rabbit year, all products related to rabbit or bunnies are my favorite ones!! Thanks for your cute & excellent drawings, though Thanksgiving has passed!

Rūta said...


Lenore said...

hello!! this is one of the first times i see your blog and i LOVE it! its just soooo perfect and adorable, its just what i've been needing lately.

happy thanksgiving!even though im a bit late... every thanksgiving, my family and i make lists of what we're thankful for. we say the lists outloud while we eat.

Lenore xoxo <3

oh! please visit my blog/website. im still working on it...its nothing compared to yours http://www.freewebs.com/lenore23/index.htm

lisa said...

your blog is so sweet!!!
kisses from las vegas

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Hi there!

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Thank you!

Christy Murphy

FIFI LAPIN said...

thanks for all your lovely comments!
Lenore your link doesn't seem to work, is it typed correctly? of course I will have a sneaky peek, I'm very nosy!
bunny kisses

Lenore said...

oh! well here it is again


i hope it works... its not that fantastic anyway.

i staryed a blog here on blogger though (its a bit more convinient and such than the place i used to write on =D)


Lenore said...


spelling mistake! hehe

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