deck the halls!

it's party season and though I have been rockin around the christmas tree in these festive red tights from Jasmine De Milo I can't wait to put on my very special Christian Dior couture frock and spin around the dance floor with my favourite long eared friend!


Amelia said...

That Christian Dior is perfect for the holidays.

Rianna Bethany said...

The christian dior outfit is tres beautiful! It looks like an icey snowy dream!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

babalisme said...

I'm in love with fifi this holiday!

I love fashion. I love bunnies.
Why can't I think of fashionable bunnies before I met you?

Thank you for the inspiration!

I shall dress up this holiday!

Jasmina said...

I really like those red tights :> ice queen in Dior

Rachel said...

I will be running out for red tights for sure!

deep_in_vogue said...

so sweet, I adore your illustrations!

donna said...

Oh!!! Fifi Lapin is soooooooo cute!

andra said...

lovely Fifi!!:D

Pandasoppa said...

ah fifi you look so cute in the purple dress!
have a lovely christmas and i hope you get many gifts cutie! <3

sincerely cyn said...


Neon Sprinkle said...

i LOVE the dior drawing, it's so cute and very appropriate! cheers!

- m

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