Wow, The wind is biting today, lucky I've got my Luella ensemble to keep my chops toasty warm. These gorgeous shoes aren't too practical though, I nearly took a tumble as I ran for the bus today, whoops!

A couple of nice things happened today, firstly I received two issues of little thing magazine all the way from China (thanks Timmy). I've been featured right in the centre spread with a little interview and lots of pics, I'll scan it in soon so you can all see.

And secondly a little collab with Little Fashion Gallery came out. A gorgeous online store selling designer togs for sprogs - I needed that when I was little! I'm in their latest fashion book you can take a closer look here... (I'm a few pages in)

keep smiling!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


fashion_iz_me2009 said...

this is kul u have talent i hope that one day my blogs are as famous as urs and it would be a real honor if u could follow my blog please thanks

fashion_iz_me2009 said...

oh and wondering can fifi lapin have a best friend that is a younger rabbit taht looks up to her cuz i look up to u and i want a blog that is like urs where u draw a replica of a runway outfit??? its just a thought i wont be upset if u say no im all good

The Stiletto Effect said...

Hello Fifi :)
The Stiletto Effect has a new home.
Can you please change the link to www.thestilettoeffect.com
Thanks a lot

carrie leber said...

did I miss it, or does Fifi not have a gown for the inauguration of Obama? How could this be??

Hemaly said...

The drwaings are adorable!

up and down town said...

brrrr, i want to cover your little big ears.

Amelie / Ces petits riens parisiens said...

u (quite) looklike the sky ;-)

Rabenschwarz said...

sooo great, i adore your drawings and this is really cool.

Pudding ♥ said...

simply beautiful!

Michael Oats said...

Photographed by Michael Oats
(Pictures of my last exhibition)


Luna said...

oh my oh my. you have the most fantastic blog I have ever seen, miss fifi lapin!

lisa*sweet tooth said...

Ohmystars, Fif, I heart you!
kisses, lisa*Sweet Tooth
(I posted on you)

Jasmina said...

so cute, love the book, why do I have to be too big for those cute clothes, damn

Flavor said...

You're so talented, Fifi, I love it, it's awesome :)


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