drumroll.... winners announced

So exciting! and the winners are*....

WINNER OF... 1. a beautiful original drawing of me (Fifi lapin) and my lovely boy Sonny Hare wearing super chic brand Bottega Venetta

Kirsten who on 19 February 2009 at 13:37 said...

My absolute fave would have to be "oh sonia"
have a nice day xx

WINNER OF... 2. a super sweet print of my Valentines gift from Sonny of two specially bred Fifi lapin butterflies

Jasmina who on 20 February 2009 at 05:26 said...

wow everyone wants FIFI :>> My fav print has to be geek, because I love the beautiful bright blue dress fifi is wearing and the glasses make her look so cute ^__^

WINNER OF... 3. an inspiring print for you to look at every day and be reminded of just how gorgeous you are taken from the card that Sonny gave me for Valentines day

Katherine J who on 18 February 2009 10:53 said...

I love your "Last night I dreamt..." set! I think both prints are so beautiful. They background reminds me a little of a more cheerful Edward Gorey and you look a little like the umbrella girl on Morton Salt! Very iconic.
We're friends on facebook, and I'm from East Bay, CA!
Thank you,
Katherine J Lee

I'll be contacting you guys soon for your addresses so that I can send you your very special prizes!

MASSIVE commiserations to everyone else but also a huge thank you! I was overwhelmed at the response (it took me an age to write all your names down!) and you all left such lovely messages. I really appreciate all your comments whether through a comp or not, it's definitely keeps my spirits up and keeps me writing my little blog

bunny kisses

Fifi Lapin


*for clarication of total fairness all enterants names were written onto pieces of good quality paper, folded in half twice and put into a very stylish hat (see picture). Three winners were then selected at random from the hat - stella adjudicated to make sure it was all above board!


Lily said...

oh fifi i love your blog i`m really your fan ^__^ you're so cute (L)
kisses from lily!! check my blog, please!! ^^

FIFI LAPIN said...

Hi Lily, you need to 'enable access to your Profile' because your name doesn't link to your blog!
bunny kisses

kirstin said...

Yay! I am so overjoyed!I just ran through to tell my mother but only excited squeaks came out! I can't wait to have an original picture of you two on my wall!
thank you xx

FIFI LAPIN said...


My Egyptian Lover said...

They're so lucky.
Love your blog Fifi <3

TiffunnyBunny said...

Oh Fifi! I find your blog to be exceptionally charming! I really do love it. It combines my two loves; fashion and bunnies! I wish I had known about your contest sooner.

I would love one of your adorable art works but alas the recent economy has cause me to pinch my pennies and it does not seem like this will end any time soon. Perhaps one day I will splurge...*sigh* I will just have to reserve a spot on my wall until then. ;)

Please hop over to my blog to see my own little real life Fifi (named Penny). You both share the sweet little blush on the cheeks but she does not have your fashion sense-but she tries.

Au revoir!

Jasmina said...

wow wow wow :D this is so cool I can´t wait ^___^

dendoo said...

hello fifi

it's me, dendoo. thanks so much for the advice you gave me. it really did give me a boost in my caboose. i had already decided to not give up when i read your words, but it was like yummy frosting on top of the cake what i read.

i'm sorry it took me so long to reply i've been very busy with job hunting, took a vacation, kinda avoided my computer but now that i'm back and on top of my game you're one of the first ppl i really had to say thank you to.

so thanks again, this is like the fourth time i've mentioned it in this little comment huh? but really, i'm encouraged and i will keep trying.

much love, dendoo

kimmy said...

I'm so sad I wasn't a winner, not to worry, as long as your blog is around it will keep me happy! xx

shud said...

hello fifi..
i luv reading ur blog..n ur collection is soo phenomenal n beautiful i must say..

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