feeling optimistic

yum yum, well what can I say, Peter Som fall 09 - I'm like a kid in the candy store,
and I'm so pleased to see that his collection shows a bit of optimism for the year to come

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Je ne sais quoi said...

what a cute blog!
kisses from spain

She said said...

Wow! I want all of those items!

brittney said...

this is fantastic!
i wouldnt mind a few pieces for myself *sigh*

Maria said...

I'm sorry if I'm too dumb, but, how do I pronounce Lapin?
is it French?
I couldn`t find the other prints on LeSportsac site, ypu know why?

Samantha Ann said...


Down Comforter said...

Some pretty dresses! I absolutely LOVE the one in the bottom left-hand corner :)

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Wow! I actually had never heard of Peter Som. There are SO many designers, its hard to get to know them all. These are great!

I love your style of illustrating! I just added you on myspace. I hope you like my street fashion inspired illustrations!!

-Lactose Intoler Art

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