fifi lapins super exciting february giveaway

mornin all
as promised a rather exciting giveway!

I had such a lovely Valentines day that I am feeling extra generous and I am looking for 3 winners to receive one special prize each...

1. a beautiful original drawing of me (Fifi lapin) and my lovely boy Sonny Hare wearing super chic brand Bottega Venetta

2. a super sweet print of my Valentines gift from Sonny of two specially bred Fifi lapin butterflies

3. an inspiring print for you to look at every day and be reminded of just how gorgeous you are taken from the card that Sonny gave me for Valentines day

and how do you get your paws on one of these prizes? simple just visit my little boutique and leave a comment on this post telling me what print is your absolute fave... make sure you leave some way of me contacting you (bloglink, facebook, myspace or email) and then tell all your mates...

easy peasy!

the 3 winners will be picked at random from a very stylish hat
the closing date is next monday (23rd Feb 09)

good luck!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

a bit more about the original drawing...
Drawn onto heavyweight 220g/m acid free cartridge paper the drawing is titled, signed and dated by the artist on the reverse. Fifi and Sonny measure approx. 100mm from the tips of their ears to the tips of their paws

a bit more about the prints....
The prints measure 210mm x 297mm (the butterflies include a white border all round) they are printed onto 100% cotton archival quality 225g/m paper, the paper is reminiscent of smooth watercolour paper giving the print a lovely soft texture and vibrant colour.

click on the image for a closer look


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Pernille said...

Fifi, i looooove the first one with you and Sonny. Let me be the winner of that one :-)

Have a lovely day.

Pernille Skovbjerg Pedersen

(We're friends on Facebook, so you can contact me that way around if you please to)

Pernille said...

Woops, I misunderstood. My favorite is the one called Amongst the Clouds. The colours in it are so pretty.


Helen said...

Oh I can't decide which is my favourite! I like Geek and Oh Sonia lots

emobopeep said...

Through Rose Tinted Spectacles is my favourite, I love pink :)

kimmy said...

Oh Fifi, I hope to be a winner! What a great giveaway!

So many favourites to choose from, but I will have to say 'but then it rained so i went home' is numero uni for me.


Concrete Honey said...

'In a cloudy mood' - hands down
I featured Fifi on a recent post at my blog - http://concretehoney.blogspot.com/2009/02/its-raining-rabbits.html and I couldn't bring myself to put up my fave in case someone else bought it!

Macy said...

I fell in love with Rain Bow Hat the first time I saw it. (:

(PS I cannot wait to get myself a Fifi Lapin LeSportsac. I live in the Philippines so I don't when they'll be selling it here!)

h0tiw1tan0t1b0d1 said...

my absolute fav has to be Ms. Lapin in Chanel. I die for those Chanel half tint sunglasses.

platinum blonde said...

I like Fifi in glasses so my fave is "fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles"

xo :)

platinumblondelife5 [at] gmail [dot] com

small little ewa said...

i can't choose! i love "geek" and "blue sweater with the red buttons". they're both lovely dovely.


small little ewa

Anonymous said...

bonjour fifi! my absolute favourite print of fifi is the one called 'fifi lapin' where she is wearing those iconic chanel half tint sunglasses. i love the simplicity, and chanel is my favourite brand! if i were lucky enough to win, we are friends on facebook! below is a link to my profile, my name is jade. (;


bunny kisses back! xx

Ald0rad0 said...

My fav is the print called amongst the coulds. We are frieds on Facebook (my user name is Aldonauta Aldonauta) so you can contact me if I win.


Veronica said...

Bad mood in chloe tugs at my heartstrings. I am in love.

Have a beautiful day. :)

misskittenly said...

hi fifi! my favourite print you have in your little boutique is called 'in a cloudy mood'. in this print you have such a sweet, spiritual look on your little face; it's so calming and pretty!

my name is carli leah lewis on facebook and i'm already your facebook friend and a fan. xxxxxx
thankyou for the lovely competition! xxxxxxx

miss milki said...

Thats a really hard decision. I love the "Last night I dreamt..." set but I decided if I could only pick one it would be "The Yellow Dress".

If I was lucky enough to actually win you can contact me through my blog!

dlittlegarden said...

Oooh,yay! What a generous giveaway! I love the Oh Sonja print so so much, because I loved that collection too, and it looks so good on you, Fifi.



Penelope Y said...

Oooh...so hard to choose just one favorite...but I think it would be "amongst the clouds".

I am friends with you on facebook if you need to contact me --> Penelope Yocum.

Margaret said...

I have a few favourites so it was tricky to choose, but the one that makes my heart sing is 'let it rain on us'. It reminds me of me and my boyfriend when we first started a'courting 6 months ago - me always wearing carefully selected vintage dresses and dainty handbags, and him holding an umbrella over us as we walked through the rain looking in bookstore windows.



curious girl (lisa) said...

oooh, definitely fox face! I love the little fox purse and her sassy necklace. love it.

HurricaneMaiden said...

Pick me! :D
I love your site!
And I actually don't have a fav...I like them all. I can't choose!

haha, and the lesportsac collection...yeah I'm getting a bag soon.

FabSugarUK said...

I love the Oh Sonia print and also geek. I would love a FiFi print!
Big Love,

LEY said...

Fox Face is my favorite. Somehow when I first saw it, I pictured myself as the one wearing everything you wore there. :)

Aleyssa Andrea Sanchez on Facebook!♥

Belinda said...

Love them all, but one of my absolute favorites is the Fifties Fifi.

We are friends on Facebook(Belinda T).


Miss Holmes said...

'last night i dreamt that i played in the snow' is my favourite print of yours.
it's so beautiful!


Dana said...

Wooow, how nice! I hope I win :)

My fav is oh, sonia!, but it was really hard to pick one cause they're all lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fifi, what a nice giveaway! Thank you so much!
I didn't understand very well if I have to leave my preference about the three card of Valentine day or if you want my absolute favourite drawing...
So... I will tell you both.
You can be sure that my favourite one about Valentine day is the Bottega Veneta one with the Tour Eiffel on the back... but you know, I write you even by email! The reason is that Bottega Veneta is very chic and I love love love Paris so much!
So I can tell you is my favourite one even if I should have to choose between all your drawings and paintings works!
My name is Carla Sgritta and we are friends on facebook.
A lots of bunny kisses.

ElleJay said...

J'adore Dreaming of Ossie (and Geek aussi)

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...


crossing my fingers!

juhjuh said...

I really like the rainbow hat. At first glance it feels really sad, and then you realize it's actually raining rainbows.

Melancholic!Fifi, I like 8D

Emily said...

Bon Monday, Fifi! I love your "Let it rain on us", but the one giveaway print I LOVE so much is the one of the Fifi-bred butterflies. I just moved into a lovely new home in New Orleans and your butterflies would look perfectly gorgeous on my walls! Merci!


Rowena said...

Tough to choose from so many great ones but I quite like you in tortoiseshell spectacles. Merci beaucoup!

little ghosts said...

I love "bad things happen to good people", I already have a print hanging over my bed :)

jem said...

aw... man! this is so hard to pick my faveorite ones, but i am completely enamored with "fifi lapin", its so beautiful. i also am completely head over heels in love with "let it rain on us", both sonny and you look stunning! :) i really hope i win.... i've always wanted one of your pics! you can contact me by leaving a message on my blog by leaving a comment! thanks! http://framestheworld.blogspot.com/

Shen-Shen said...

My favorite is let it rain on us. I adore your artwork!

I'm friends with you on facebook, so you can contact me there (I'm Shen-Shen) or on my blog Warm PJs.

noeudpap said...

Ooooh a Fifi giveaway! How cool :)

I love them all, but my favourite is "little clownface". So cute!

Have a lovely day Fifi! xoxo

the apparant divide said...

Oh I'd love the Geek print. What a wonderful thing to spark up the Monday.

Anonymous said...

I have a three-way tie between 1. Fifi Lapin (the half tinted glasses are my fave and i love that you can see Fifi's adorable tail!), Let it Rain on Us with Sonny is also romantic for valentine's day and I do have a weakness for fifi in dresses so Through Rose Tinted spectacles is precious! I would be happy with any if I were lucky enough to win!!!

We are friends on facebook, (my name is Liza M.) and we have been emailing lately with an order mix up if you need to get in contact with me!!


Shawnsie said...

I just purchased Bad Mood Fifi but would still love to win more beautiful prints! We are Facebook friends (Shawn Cucci).

Thank you!

Virginia said...

my favorite of all your drawings is the one of you in the three different poses wearing the gorgeous chanel half-tint sunglasses. i like this because it represents to me what i'd like to have my life look like in a few years when i move out!

thanks for being a fashion inspiration!


(the title of the print is fifi lapin, and you can contact me at virginiak11@gmail.com)

mars said...

My favorite print is called Let It Rain On Us. It's romantic and hey, Sonny is in it too <3

- Mars (mars@verydefinitely@gmail.com)

Kaylovesvintage said...
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Leigh said...

Oh no! You don't have my absolute favorite in the shop - it's the girl I think would be me if I were a stylish bunny. She's on the dress up print for LeSportsac and has red glasses and a wooden-handled purse!

My favorite print in the shop is Fifi in Tortoiseshell Spectacles!

Kaylovesvintage said...

fifi goes Moschino ,I just love that one

krissy said...

asking us to choose our favourite is almost cruel...they're all so wonderful!!

that said, i think i'll have to pick "chloe daydreaming" as my favourite but oh my how i love "bookish" and "the yellow dress".

Amelia said...

I completely adore "let it rain on us." I would love so much to win that one :) All your drawings are amzing.

Kat said...

what a cool idea!

i loooove "contemplation" :)!

Lissete said...

Hello Fifi! :-)

i specially like "the girl with clouds for eyes", your work is very lovely.

my e-mail: lissete4188@hotmail.com

have a great day :-D


yulanda said...

I think my favourite has to be "Oh Sonia!"

pamplemousse said...

my favourite is contemplation- it is so colourful yet calm! hope you have a nice day!

Erandi said...

my always favorite is "contemplation" but i hard to choose only one!


<3 <3

Hanna said...

I love rain bow hat. so cute!

Anonymous said...

i ADORE "let it rain on us" especially since when i woke up this morning and it was pouring outside when i saw this post :) i love rainy days like this! oh and i just got the lesportsac lunch box with all the little bunnies on it! so adorable my husband got if for me for valentines :)

have a good day!

-lara horner

you can contact me right through facebook :)

Lauren said...

My room mate has turned us all on to FIfi Lapin, and I think that Through Rose Tinted Spectacles would look the best in our living room... my email is lsellars@vt.edu!!


lara horner said...

hi fafi!

my favorite is "let it rain on us" and how perfect that it was raining outside when i saw this post this morning. i love this print so much! oh! my husband got me the le sportsac lunchbox with the bunnies! i love it so much, the stuff looks fantastic!

hope you are well. you can contact me on facebook too.

-lara horner

Bella said...

I love the " Let it rain on us!"

Big kiss!

Rebecca said...

Whoa! What a lovely blog and artwork! Beautiful pictures you have...ummm my favorite will be fox face being the first, geek being the second and rainbow rains (this one reminded me no matter when we have a dark cloud over our head theres always a hope that falls on us!) Geee, I love them all! take care, Rebecca signingmamae@yahoo.com

Scarlata said...

Without doubt: chloe daydreaming! Simply gorgeous... I'm a daydreamer too!;D
Ciao Fifi

Bevan said...

I love the fifties fifi the most! all of the printed, poofy dresses are amazing!

Maggie said...
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kraken said...

Fifi, you are adorable. My favorite is the "let it rain on us" print.

Maggie said...

Sorry, I deleted my comment, I forgot to include and email address. My favorite is Fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles. I love those huge glasses.
Email: mmaggie[at]gmail.com

milindris said...

It's hard to choose only one, but I have to say 'in a cloudy mood'. I'm in love with it!

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=826599195&ref=profile#/profile.php?id=826599195

ben said...

just wanted to say, let it rain on us, is absolutely my favorite and it is up on my wall with a pretty frame. thank you !!!

best girl wins said...

I absolutely love all of them but my fave is "bad mood chloe"..soo cute and my contact is

Ruthie said...

*Good day Miss Fifi!*

I adore drawing no. 387 where you are in a Moschino Cheap and Chic outfit. I love the color coordination and how you are wearing tights...(^.^). Beautiful!

You can contact me on Facebook...we're friends: Ruth S. Kim.

Ruthie said...
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done-na said...

oh noooo. only one? how will i ever choose?!

[a bunch of coin tosses later]

"fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles" wins!

you can contact me via my blog: http://done-na.livejournal.com

TNC said...

Hi Fifi,
Wow! Those are lovely. My favorite is teh three Fifis with Chanel glasses. And you and Sonny look fabulous!

LuLu124 said...
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Serif said...

Aww, they're all so adorable!

I'd have to choose "last night i dreamt that i played in the snow" and "but then it rained so i went home".


Petite Pearls said...

Oh Fifi!
I adore *EVERYTHING* you create. Though I do have to say that my ABSOLUTE FAV would be "last night I dreamt that i played in the snow." This print has inspired me all winter!

Kayla Byers

(you can contact me via my blog petitepearls.blogspot.com)

♥ ELAINE. said...
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♥ ELAINE. said...

oh, fifi. this was an oh so difficult decision, because i love them all! but, since i really have to choose, i am going to say the "oh sonia" print. (although, the "let it rain on us" is a close second because i just adore you & sonny)

have a lovely day, fifi ♥ :)

oh, i seem to have forgotten where to contact me:

Vairi said...

Yay, Fifi! :)

I'm torn between two of your lovely prints. Firstly, I like "bookish", because as an English Lit student, I can only aspire to look as chic with a book in my hand (or paw, in your case). Then, I love "fox face" because my Mum bought me the same purse for my birthday. Strange coincidence, non?


Vairi said...

Oh, oops! You can contact me at vairimaclennan[AT]gmail.com

swirlingmuse said...

I think my absolute favourite print has to be 'last night I dreamt that I played in the snow'. It's just so whimiscal, your outfit is fab and I love the splashes of colour in it ^_^

swirlingmuse said...

Almost forgot!
My email contact :)

zog_etiquette said...

my favorite is
fifi in tortoiseshell
spectacles. I love to
use pink when creating most
anything. The way her
plaid blouse matches the
t.shell shades is just

my bloggie:

my email:

i'll be telling
all my

have a lovely day!

Heather Jones said...

It took me a while to decisde but I think I would have to say wy favorite is "Through Rose Colored Spectacles" . . . so much pink and so many different outfits!!

Wish me luck!! Thanks Fifi!

Heather Jones
(I'm a Facebook friend)

oddburd said...

What a generous giveaway! You're so fabulous, Fifi :)
It's a hard choice, but I think my favorite is "The Yellow Dress."

You can contact me through facebook, my blog, or e-mail (kyliekaipust@gmail.com)


She said said...

I looked at your store for at least half an hour trying to decide which was my favorite... and I still can't really decide. They are all so amazingly cute that it I had money I would have probably snapped up the lot.

I love 'amongst the clouds' that was the frist one that I saw and it was the one that stayed in my mind the whole time. Althouhg 'Last night I dreamt' set 'Hope' and 'Let it rain on us' all came in at VERY close seconds.

Hope you had a lovely valentines day?
You can contact me through my blog :-)

Michelle said...

My faaavorite print is the rainbow hat :) Love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the rainbow hat print--it just makes me grin and the colors are so beautiful...

my email is:

love, bunny kisses, and tambourines,

D @ Hihlo Studio said...

hello fifi,
It's very hard to choose, but I think my favorite is contemplation...the colors are so great.

Hihlo Studio

SamSam said...

The Princess Tina Fox face bag print is brilliant and the closest I can get to it, it is sold out everywhere.

Nothing like a bit of foxiness to brighten up a winter day as well as my daily dose of fifi lapin and ruby gatta of course!

I'm a facebook friend (Sam Trenerry) so fingers crossed you'll contact me...

Anonymous said...

oh sonia definitely is my favourite print ... such a sweet picture of you!
and by the way: i would really appreciate if there was someone telling me every day i was beautiful... even if it's just a postcard. :)


Lauren said...

my favorite print is 'through rose tinted spectacles' - I love the multiples!

if I had extra cash right now I'd buy 'fifties fifi'... I've had my eye on it for months!!!

happy february.

isabella said...

Hi Fifi ! (._.*) ,
my name is Isabella, and i live in Amsterdam/Holland.
I really like your style of drawings especially this one i have on my background !! :D (watch it here) http://rbwgrl.hyves.nl/

it reminds me of me and my boyfriend ... its so strange ... i also have my own clothingline with a friend ... and you also have a drawing that looks excactly like me & her ... the one with the Chloé outfits of you and your friend Ruby Gatta ...

because of these reasons i really hope i could win one of your drawings .. (^.^) and hang it up in my room

to contact me ...
my gmail is : isabella.doelwijt@gmail.com

<3 isabella .


Let's try my luck! My favourite print is the chloé daydreaming one because I love the make up looks like a real rainbow! It's even more beautiful than the original chloé campain!

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

Fifi, the print that makes my heart flutter is "through rose tinted spectacles", I love the watercolour pink of the dresses. Absolutely lovely.

R. said...

After the Fifi butterflies, my favourite print of yours is Dreaming Of Ossie - dreamy green gorgeousness!

(I also really love the illustration Sunset Is A Gift, you should make that one into a print too :p)


Cat said...

Fifi! How can you make us decide which print we love best? Well if I must, I'd choose the Blue Cardigan with the Red Buttons. That or Chloe Daydreaming. Oh, I love them ALL!

Hugs n kisses from Mallorca,

Cat MacLaggan (we're friends on Facebook, dahling!)

Kate Hutson said...

hi feef'!

i love the yellow dress print because it would be the sweetest little print to have in a decorative frame and placed on a wall in any room to shine on its own. i have the perfect gilded-gold frame and spot for it on my baby-pink bedroom wall!


Erin said...

My disagree with my room mate and think that "Fifi Lapin" would look the best in the living room. What a fun give-away!

I can be reached at eblauvel@vt.edu

Big fan,

Katie K. said...

It is so hard to choose only one!

But I think that I really like "Let It Rain On Us"!


sharon henderson said...

Bonjour FiFi! My favourite print is the Chloe day dreaming! I have it framed in my bedroom and I look at it each day just as I go to sleep- before I start dreaming about chloe and marc jacobs, and Luella and Anna Sui and Lanvin and Stella McCartney and and and and and..............
Hope you pick me! sharon.henderson@nike.com

kate said...

I love 'the blue cardigan with the red buttons'. It just feels warm and cozy to me!


Anonymous said...

i like let it rain on us!


jos said...

hi fifi
i love all 3
but my favorite is the one with the butterflies

even if i don't win, i want to say that you have great style (obviously!), well you and all your friends
and your lovely dog too :D

mi mail is niko_sck@hotmail.com

hugs from mexico

Feeling Fuzzy? said...

Hello Fifi - my very favourite print is "Best Friends" because it reminds me of my creative soul mate Yumi and I. We are quite different but work so beautifully together. We have a little project called Souzou which you can see here: http://feelingfuzzy.blogspot.com.

Thank you for always being an inspiration!


Jane Park said...

Hi Fifi!
My favorite is
Fifi Lapin
fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles - my hubby bought it for our baby nursery! We'd love to add more of your prints to our little gallery!

I am friend requesting you on Facebook. My name is Jane Park.

kate said...

Oh gosh!

I love Through Rose Tinted Spectacles and The Yellow Dress best but they're all so good! If I weren't a poor college student and with practically no disposable income I would buy them all!


Candice said...

my favourite is "fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles", I love it in pale purple background, I love fifi in glasses..... I just love it! And actually I have order it, I'm still waiting for it.

Candice said...

my favourite is "fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles", I love it in pale purple background, I love fifi in glasses..... I just love it! And actually I have order it, I'm still waiting for it.

my email: candicelui (at) yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

i love through rose tinted spectacles! pick me!

xo Laura


Anonymous said...

I love FiFi Lapin in sunglasses! (I actually own this one and an original of FiFi in Yves St Laurent!) I think this one is such a classic Fifi in her adorable chanel sunnies. Just too cute!

Pick me please! I heart fifi :-)



Alice said...

Geek is the best!!! Attitude and glamour all in one!!

danica said...

bookish is my fave. i like fifi's intellectual side :)

Debra said...

Hi! this blog is my absolute fav!

I love "let it rain on us" best! it's so sweet!



Id and Nancy said...

I Love the first drawing of you and Sonny. My etsy ID is wearpurlsandsmile for my contact information.

Id and Nancy said...

Whoops! I also misunderstood like Pernille. My favorite print is Oh Sonia! Second fave is Chloe daydreaming. :)

Yellowgoat said...

Fifi Lapin, there's no way to choose, all three are very lovely.

If I have to pick 1, then it'd be the 1st one. ;D

It's cute that's Sonny is wearing a BV.

Anonymous said...

oh, fifi.

good morning, sunshine.

i am in absolute adoration with the fox face print.




amie said...

my favorite one is "bad mood in chloe". :-)

15 Minutes of Denise said...

my favorite print is "fifi lapin," featuring 360 degrees on fifi! too cute

a.mi said...

my favorite is the 'let it rain on us' print with you and Sonny! I am trying to decide whether to get it or your lunch date sac! both are way too cute and I can't decide :)

Hailey said...

"but then it rained so I went home"

Because we can see Fifi in 3/4 view!
(we need more Fifi like this)

Hailey Gearman
h (at) xoxohoney (dot) com
(facebook pal)

Sophie said...

Hello Fifi! I love all of your prints, but my favorite is Fifi Lapin. Those Chanel half tint sunglasses are gorgeous!

xo Sophie

Sophie said...

Hello again! You can also contact me on Etsy. My username is WhitePoppy.


kit said...

love dreaming of ossie. i'm in a poetry-writing mood now and it really speaks to me :)


Anonymous said...

My 4 year old daughter and I sat down to choose which was our favourite - I secretly like the yellow dress, but I let her choose. Amazingly she chose the same one. I asked why she loved that one the most and she said 'because it is soooooooo pink!!!' ah easy to please.
Love love love it! Fashion and art - what a mix :)

Jaki said...

My favourite print is 'Hope'. Everyone needs a little hope in their life, and this print really represents that feeling. I love the colours and the intricate drawing of the knit. It is a truly beautiful print, one that I could see hanging in my apartment for all to see!


Erica said...

my favorite print is "let it rain on us" where you and sunny are standing in the rain under an umbrella =]
adorable! and you have such an amazing sense of style!
love you!

aquarella said...

I love the all, but my favourite one is the chloe daydreaming- Have a nice day!!! :x


Shel said...

Adore "bad mood in chloe"...that looks like me when I find out someone ate my last cupcake.

shel704 at aol dot com

ISA said...

I just adore the one that is placed on my mantlepiece. Its number 386 when you're wearing Martin Grant (no.386). I've got it from my boyfriend at valentines. I guess he bought it tom me because he knows I like your drawings and it looks quite similar to what I usually wear.


(your facebook-friend)

Tiffiny said...

My nickname growing up was Fifi, so from one Fifi to another, I have to admit it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite from all your adorable prints. But if I must...

From the store, I'd have to pick "Bad Mood in Chloe" because the tone of it has just always resonated with me. (By the way, thanks for making more available!)

Out of your Valentine prints, I'm in love with the drawing of you and the equally chic Sonny!

Tiffiny (the other Fifi)


Mvo168 said...

Thank you for being generous and giving away such lovely prizes!

My favourite is "Oh Sonia!".

I also love the drawing you & Sonny Hare wearing Bottega Venetta, which is a brand I completely adore! I use their beautiful blue-grey wallet everyday and am so happy with it.

Hope to hear good news from you soon dear Fifi!

you can email me at mavis168 [at] yahoo.com

boltandfrolic said...

amongst the clouds : )

altho... it was so very hard to choose!


Nerdie Surprise said...

dreaming of ossie
very very adorable.

like in a mirage.
like in an illusion.
like where you haven't been.
you dream, you dream.

Ronise said...

My favorite is Geek (http://fifilapin.bigcartel.com/product/geek), but I might be biased because I'm a geek myself. :)

But all of your prints are lovely, for real.


輯牢士宦廾卉 said...

halo fifi~
my favourite print is the one called "contemplation". it is colourful and the eyes are so attractive~~~

that really make me concentrate~

幸 said...

wow~~I love the design and your drawing so much~ the one I really like is "chloe daydreaming" because I love CHLOE and I always Daygreaming XDXD.

Have a nice Day FIFI


mchen said...

How to choose? I love 'fifi in tortoiseshell specs' and 'last night i dreamt that i played in the snow' a lot lot lot. Thanks for the generous giveaway op. Lovely adorable stuff!

Rocco Frediani & Ilaria Boeddu said...

I really love "Fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles"...I like the armony of colours!

We are friends on Facebook...so u contact me that way (Ilaria Boeddu)...

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the yellow dress.

Nancy said...

Such a hard choice! But I think I'll go with the print titled Bookish :)

Poppy said...

My fav print from the shop is Rainbow Hat which I just recently purchased and am eagerly awaiting!

And out of the 3 you are giving away, I love the one of you and Sonny. So chic!

you can contact me here:

niki said...

i looove clowns so "little clownface" is my favorite print!

Anonymous said...

I love Oh Sonia! the best.
Kathryn Hegarty

Blog Artists said...

My favourite is no.398
It will remind me in the Summer about how never to complain about how warm it is because we have had almost 3 whole months of below ZERO degrees here in Canada!
LOVE your work...here's my blog link:

Courtney said...

Hi Fifi~
Well, my favorite print would have to be "Through Rose Tinted Spectacles". You dressed in 18 different pink outfits is beyond PERFECT in everyway!

Taylor said...

My fave print is "Through Rose Tinted Spectacles" <3
Its absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of the movie Sabrina starring Audrey Hepburn (:

xx Taylor Pong

(we're friends on facebook)

Shanon said...

Fi- You are the the only bunny I know who adores Sonia as much as I, however my most favoritist print of you is Bad Mood in Chloe, it always puts me in a good mood.


Shanon (shanon.hartford@gmail.com)

PS: I saw your fabulous Le Sportsac collection in Las Vegas this weekend. It was on the last day before leaving for the airport, and sadly, I wasn't feeling financially optimistic -stupid video black jack.

Melissa Hicks said...

My favourite is Best Friends, although I love them all! Melissa Hicks mhhicks@bigpond.com

Raven said...

I'm so loving Image of no.392
An original drawing of Fifi Lapin wearing Behnaz Sarafpour...and Through Rose Tinted Spectacles is right up thar too. :)

Love yer wardrobe, Ms. Fifi!


Lea said...

I love you to bits so it's really hard to choose a favourite! I think I'll go with the "Last night I dreamt! set. It's so lovely!



Leah Weissbuch said...

I like "Let it Rain On Us" with you and Sonny. I think it's super cute!

I hope I win!!

Leah Weissbuch
(I'm under Leah Weissbuch on Facebook, we're friends)

Alice Yumi said...

its so hard to choose only one!!! ><

i really love the "last night i dreamt set"; the colors, the sky on both, and of course, the cute little yellow baloons!

and just to mention the most perfect outfits are in "oh sonia!", which is an awesome drawing too, the way you managed to do the patterns and knitting!!

thankyou for always making such pretty artwork!

My name is alice, i'm from Brazil!!!

we're contacts on flickr, my flickr adress is www.flickr.com/photos/aliceyumi

Anonymous said...

my favourite is fifties fifi the dresses are adorable.


delightful_trinkets said...

How could I possibly pick just one, they are all fabulous! I'd love the chance to own any one of them. You're a delight…Muah!

xoxo, Ivy

Suzy said...

Such a difficult choice!

I ADORE "Fifi Lapin" and "Sunset is a Gift"!

nicoletu said...

I like "bookish" and I bought this print in January^^ The way you show a bookish is very stylish.

Robin said...

such a stylish lady, hard to pick just one! i do love "through rose tinted spectacles" because there are multiple pretty outfits to look at!


you can contact me through facebook (we're friends) or email



j.c. said...

I'm a sucker for nice eyewear so I'd have to say my favorites are:
-Fifi in Tortoiseshell Spectacles

We're friends on myspace
(p.s. thank you kindly for accepting my friend request!)
so you can contact me at:

I'm going to go cross my fingers now....

go said...

Fifi Lapin: http://fifilapin.bigcartel.com/product/fifi-lapin

is my favorite print. Classic!

Here's me for some good toilet reading:

fingers crossed!

Theresa Bicanic said...

It is really hard to pick a favorite, but I love, love, LOVE the print called "Chloe Daydreaming". Such a sweet face!

We are friends on Facebook, just in case I win!

michi said...

It's so hard since I love all of them but it's definitely a tie between "Rainbow Hat" and "The Yellow Dress"

I hope, I hope I get an opportunity and win. I'm such a fan and I looove all the collections on vous Mademoiselle Lapin!

I am also a friend on facebook and that would be the best way to contact me!

hasta pronto!


L. Luella Eyre said...

I love your collection about Luella that ideas from movie Ghost world, it's in your shop or not? I dont know XD
nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

fifi! j'adore vos dessins.

my favorite is 'contemplation.'

find me on facebook as vivian crockett (in front of louis vuitton in my photo).


Athalia said...

My pick is Sunset is a gift!

I love, love the colour pallete and the fact that you can see so many pretty outfits all at once!

email: athalee@gmail.com

Daily Button said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daily Button said...

My favourite print would have to be; 'The Yellow Dress', I love the minimalism of it :)


P.S. I live in Australia so if that means I'm no longer eligible, don't hesitate to exclude me if it's too expensive to send over

Diana said...

I absolutely love #1. Bottega Veneta - GORGEOUS. Fifi Lapin original drawing - EVEN MORE GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...


holly said...

Fifi I love the one of you and Sonny. You two are so romantic together. I'm going to Paris for the first time this Spring. I cannot wait. This print would be extra special to add to my wall. I already sent out all your postcards and I regret not keeping more of you for myself. You are so pretty Fifi :*

natalie said...

I absolutely LOVE "Geek" So cute!!


melly said...

Definitely Fifties Fifi!!

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your blog through "Vanidad" magazine in Spain: CONGRATULATIONS!!! They are so pretty drawings! My favourite one is "let in rain on us" because it reminds me an umbrella I had some years ago; it used to cover my boyfriend and I on the rainy days here in Madrid!

Naiara Martinez de Marigorta (facebook)

Katie said...

Oh Sonia is my favorite!

sk said...

My favorite is "best friends" because I want to give it to all my close lady friends!

I hope I get the one with you and Sonny!

Christy said...

I love the fifi print "fifi bookish"! What a lovely thing display in my mini library!

More power Fifi Lapin!!!

bearista said...

Hello Fifi,
hey, my nickname is Fifi,too!
Some of my friends call me Fifi,instead of my real name Steffi.

Anyway,my friend and I are big fans of you.
I love all of your prints.
It's really hard to choose my favorite.If I have to,alright,then I will choose "Best Friends".Friends really mean a lot in my life.
Have a nice day and thank you for bringing me so many happiese.

mari.almeida said...

Fifi, I love them all. But my favorite one is definitely "the yellow dress". Such a great color in you! :)

FIFI LAPIN said...

Hello Fifi!

I hope I got the terms of your giveaway right. I sure love drawing 377 and 398. I'm in a winter climate and I would be devastated by it without my earmuffs. Funnily, my earmuffs happen to have a very cute bunny on them too. They were crafted by a friend of mine, Sonja Ahlers. Maybe you've seen her Etsy shop?

As far as prints go, I have always loved the Geek print. It was the wallpaper on my laptop for a while. Love the blog. Love the drawings I have too. (I've got 253 and I bought my sister a lovely Fifi in a pink Vercace coat).

Yani Kong

Katherine J said...


I love your "Last night I dreamt..." set! I think both prints are so beautiful. They background reminds me a little of a more cheerful Edward Gorey and you look a little like the umbrella girl on Morton Salt! Very iconic.

We're friends on facebook, and I'm from East Bay, CA!

Thank you,
Katherine J Lee

Rose said...

Love love love "Oh Sonia"


kimvee said...

I saw your Lesportsac Bag in my Lucky Magazine for February! I love it! I want to purchase one for myself :)

Hannah said...

Hiya Fifi!
Well...my favourite is definitely Geek! Mostly (and rather obviously) because I myself am a self-confessed proud geek! I have the geeky degree and job and love to amuse and surprise my co-workers with my perhaps-slightly-too-outlandish outfits every day :)
You're an inspiration hunny bunny!
x Han

Mimi said...

Hello fifi!
I loved the print called "through rose tinted spectacles.
Please let me be the winner of this wonderful giveaway!




Sydney said...

Dear fifi!
i absolutly adore the " oh sonia! " print. it is so brilliant. i think it has such great feeling and is very classy and fashionable. TRES TRES bien <3

my email adress is:
myspace me @

lots of love,
sydney <3

Mallory said...

decisions decisions decisions BUT my favorite print is "fifi lapin" because i adore getting to see your delectable outfit from every angle. well, 3 angles. & because i always find you to look extra charming when you're wearing sunglasses. yes indeed.


Kristina Marie said...

"let it rain on us" is my fav! <3

..it took a while to decide!

Down Comforter said...

It's soooo hard to pick just one! I really do love #330 - Fifi in the purple dress :)


mrsxoxojuju said...

fifi no. 285! all whitey whites and ruffles is my pick!
(but then there's too many things to like, also love 'contemplation', 'let it rain on us' for colors, n no. 300 coz is mcqueen!)

always have been an avid fan of yours:)
xoxo too!
facebook: Raisa Tanawi

Kristina said...

Ooooohhh they're all just soooo l-o-v-e-l-y! But 'geek' is my fave. Probably because we got the same glasses ;o)

cinderella said...

My ABSOLUTE fave is 'Fifties Fifi'. Those dresses are so delicate, sweet and pretty. I LOVE them :)
<3 <3 <3 <3

hannnaa said...

i absolutely love yellow dress as yellow is my fave colour and the dress is gorgeous!
please let me be the winner
your british friend :)

Anonymous said...

eventhough i adore all of them my absolute favorite has to be the 'oh sonia!' drawing because i love sonia rykiel and i love fifi lapin so what could be more wonderful??
Yasemin Imre
(you can contact me from facebook)

Triin said...

Hy Fifi,
I have just recently discovered your blog, but it's so wonderful! I think it is so nice of you to give some of your drawings and prints away. I want to thank you ahead for doing this even if I don't win anything :)

Anyway, my favorite is the one where you introduce Sonny Hare and you're both wearing Bottega Venetta. You guys look sweet together :)
You can contact me on my email which is


Anonymous said...

Okay....this was hard there are so many fun prints. I think my Fav is Fifi is the tortishell spectacles!

>>>>>>Maureen Teddyfriends@juno.com

Kirstin said...

My absolute fave would have to be "oh sonia"

have a nice day xx

kali said...

my fave is little clownface


Flirt said...

great stuff!

Smashing the walls in your mind

kensie said...

Hi fifi!! Im your friend on facebook 'McKenzie Blake' :) I love you!! wow hmm my favorite print would have to be 'bow tie ears' it's so cute..fifi your my favorite artist in the entire world if my house caught on fire the first thing I would grab are my fifi drawing and my pets. My fifi drawing is my most treasured thing..

Ashley said...

fifi, i just LOVE you sassy array of styles in your 'oh sonia!' print. you look just darling in all of them. xoxo

Summer said...

Hi there,
I am really a big fan of that colorful and lovely BUTTERFLY..
Hope i'm the one who will get that..=)
Nice post,hope to see you on mine too..=)

Solo said...

A lot who join these contest,do i still have the chance to win?!=D
Well if in case,i wanted to be mine is the"in a cloudy mood".I really want it to be mine..=)
Nice post.

Kate said...

So hard to choose! But probably 'fifi lapin', as I love the three angles (:

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh... Fifi, I can't believe you're making me choose my favourite! It'll have to be fox face, closely followed by fifi in the striped t-shirt and fifi in tortoiseshell spectacles...
Keep on being gorgeous :)

You can contact me through this email -


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