sixties chic

well I knew I said I would be back with me in another dazzling outfit but in the meantime I couldn't resist celebrating the newly released Orla Kiely spring summer collection I am planning to order everything! =;x) but these two (above) are my absolute faves. I just can't wait for summer to kick in so that I can go yachting in sixties chic!

oh I must order myself a new Orla Kiely sail, how gorgeous to be able to co-ordiante your outfit to your boat!

that red handled bag is the perfect colour combo and I just adore the denim playsuit

ho hum, so many choices... what's a girl to do?

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


LEY said...

I wish that was my whole wardrobe.

Georgie said said...

I also want everything! The swimwear is gorgeous. Fingers crossed the UK has a hot summer so I can go to the beach without freezing :-)

lucille said...

Hey fifi lapin ( Hihihi )
I love that clothe they are so ...
sixties ! ( wonderful )

Amber said...

lovely, i am obsessed with floppy hats ! where can i get one ?

Kate said...

This collection is gorgeous!

bonjouritsjinah said...

OH how I love Orla Kiely!

The swimsuits look so amazing for this collection...

kimmy said...

oh fifi, you should buy them all!

Down Comforter said...

Really cute collection - the accessories are great, too :)

chicadecanela said...

Loving Orla Kiely!

ed said...

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ed said...
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