thank you!

thanks for entering my little competion eveyone!
I'll be announcing the winners later this week
and I'll be back later with some dazzling outfits...
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


幸 said...

the bunny are so cute XD~
WAITING for you and the dazzling outfits~


Iole said...

WOw they are so sweet.
Love your work...

She said said...

I wish my housemates rabbity would have little ones... I think I would die of a cute overload though.

mari.almeida said...


Can't wait for more dazzling outfits! :)

Siouxzan said...

I love Fifi! She is so pretty.

kimmy said...

Oh Fifi, you are so gorgeous and sweet. Can't wait to see new additions to your wardrobe. Maybe you can pass me your hand me downs.

Kevin said...

Just purchased some prints. Fantastic!

Shen-Shen said...

Aww... so cute!

Flashes of Style said...

Oh no I am sad I missed the contest. Anyways, I love your blog so much, it is so wonderful. I love the idea of bunnies is designer clothing. :)

Solo said...

Oh geeezzz....
The bunnies are so cuuuute...
I love your post,can't wait to see more from you..
Hope to see you on my blog too...=)
Take care..

Dana said...

Aaaaaw are those your brothers??

I hope I win!!

Vanessa said...

These bunnies are adorable!

STEFANIE said...

ooh these are so cuuuute!
Are these your bunny friends fifi? ^-^

The Divinitus said...

aww ... bunnies!

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