One thing you may not know about me is that I often dream about having hair. Well it's not that I am exactly hairless, it's just that fur is a very different texture to hair and it never grows longer than an inch - and that's only when it gets really cold. The sort of hair I long for is the long silky tresses that models seem to possess. You know the ones... no matter how many different fantastical crimped updo's and furiously backcombed creations they have to go through for the shows it still hangs down beautifully. Swaying while they walk and blowing around them like an advert for posh shampoo.


I thought the only option for me would be to wig it - which I am not adverse to (see above - this look from Betsey Johnson somehow wouldn't be complete without the splash of pink) but now Riccardo Tisci at Givenchy has used hair to make the dresses. Masses of it, long and black and so silky. It's not exactly practical daywear but I'm considering it, even if it's just because I get to say I'm worth it =;x)

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


millieloise said...

practical daywear is for the boring and non-fabulous,
of which is a category you do not fall into!
go for it!

blythou said...

Fifi, you don't need hair, you're cute as a button as you are. And between me and you, hair's overrated. It's got split ends, dandruff (well on your white fur, it wouldn't show that much, but still)... If it's long, you need to condition it. If it's short, style it with goop, err, no it's called gel, etc.
I like you the way you are. Don't change a thing.

Lady Melbourne said...

The top picture is very Cindy Lauper, well played Fifi!

FIFI LAPIN said...

thanks guys!

Iole said...

love love love FIFI!

Julienne said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that I was on Melrose in LA yesterday and I saw the LeSportsac front window with the Fifi Lapin designs. It looked really good, I really love your stuff!

P.S. I carry the Sweethearts lunch sac to work everyday :)
Here is my blog if you want to look: http://juliennecarrots.wordpress.com/

pve design said...

Hair today
Gone tomorrow.
But a wig, is ever changeable.

A_Flama said...

Sooo cute :D

Gwendolyn said...

Wow Fifi, the pink hair really brings out your features adn that hair dress is really cool :D X

Daiana said...

Fifi, I think that you are awesome!

Suparna said...

yes very interesting post, i like the first picture.

Amelie / Ces petits riens parisiens said...

U'r a kind of gothic rabbit actually ?

Doll legs said...

FIFI i'm your new fan!!!!

Dudù said...

Hi Fifi Lapin... I'm very happy to discovery your blog... I'am a Italian Boy. A big Kiss from Italy.

kimvee said...

Very cute! love it! :)

dana said...

Ciao your blog is fantastic, I added to my blogroll list ..
I think I could get lost for hours in there...

Anonymous said...

this wig makes your face look fat

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