Je m'appelle Fifi Lapin and I'm wearing Sonia Rykiel

A couple of days on the beach and my paws were itching to get back to the shows... I really should listen to my mother who did point out as I was just about to board the plane that I wouldn't be able to contain myself for long whilst the rest of the fashion pack were getting their fashion fix. So I jetted back to Paris (planting a few trees along the way and praying to mother nature to forgive me for my wastefulness when it comes to flying) just in time for the Sonia Rykiel show where the models called out to us like little birds with pretty french accents... "Je m'appelle Imogen, and I'm wearing a knit dress" and "I'm a black fox, I'm a foxy girl" but my favorite had to be "I'm wearing sunglasses because I'm a star." - my sentiments exactly! Makes a nice change from the eyes forward catwalk stalking silent beauties we've become to used too and the clothes were pretty nice too...


keetee said...

You rock the runway again!!!Great outfit Fifi

Frozi said...

yes! great look, I loved this fashion show :)

Gwendolyn said...

Wow, I must watch that show! And of course Fifi needs her fashion fix :)

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...

you look great in sonia! so lucky you were at the shoe :) she is my absolutely fav

Rianna Bethany said...

Ha Ha did the models really do that! how wonderful, her fashion shows are always with a fun twist!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxx

ChristieLovestoWrite said...

WOW! You really are the most stylish bunny!

-your new fan, Christie

The Glitterati said...

Tres chic! J'adore the little jersey dress!


kimvee said...

Love it fifi! :)

Charlie said...

Great show, you look fabulous!

Ruth said...

Sonia is amazing!!! I love her fashion! And I love love love your blog...

ruth x


Ximena said...

oooh i lovee that look on you:)

Juliet said...

You're so chic in Rykiel.

juliet xxx

Eliza Leopoldo said...



-h said...

very groovy

RayBan 2129 SideStreet Sunglasses said...

Woah, great fashion show and good styles

fashionelka said...

Fifi I love your stylish bunny! You rockkkkkkkkkk!


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