colour blocking

quick note to let you know that yesterdays collection is now available as a print here and here

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


keetee said...

I save the money to buy your print now!!!Mean while I will enjoy the picture in your blog.

Love you!!!
kisses from Thailand

A chicette in Paris said...

Would love to have the print! Thanks for the link!! :-)

Kisses from Paris!



Iole said...

love love love your drawing ...

Vintage Voyage said...


ZZ said...

You are so talented.
I wish I had money to buy one of your prints. :(

I LOVE THEM and will enjoy them on the net.

Dana said...

I saw yesterday Fifi's bags and OMG they're gorgeous!!!! GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!

xAZD said...

these are all so cute! i love seeing your new posts


Claudia said...

Fifi Im in love with your blog!!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Very, very talented, love your blog!

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