just mooching

Wowa. I hear Topshop is opening over on US soil today. You lucky things, get ready for super cool catwalk inspired pieces at great prices... even us label lovers adore Topshop. Oh and good luck with the cat fighting over those geometric print leggings everyone's been talking about. I'm not sure if the Kate Moss collection is going to be available but it's been launched over here today. I love this vintage inspired rose print dress. Should have my paws on one very soon, I love internet shopping, it's so easy peasy.

Today I've been mooching around in these darling peach glasses by Paul Smith and a cute little vintage patchwork thing that I picked up in Morocco. I knicked these beads from my mother. She has all this jewellery from the seventies just lying around waiting to be slipped into my bag, I just couldn't resist!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. just popped a few postcard sets in the shop and one set of greetings cards...


A chicette in Paris said...

Rabbits are much too cool to cat fight ;-)

Kisses from Paris!



RhiannonM said...

Love the glasses. Can't wait to see if a TopShop ever opens near me. Have a good day Miss FiFi!

ZZ said...

awwwh, you are so cute!

kimvee said...

Fifi, those glasses & the whole ensemble is too cute!!! By the way, I stopped by LeSportsac at the Pier in Atlantic City last week and I absolutely adore your hand bag designs. So cute! The sales reps were so kind to me and even showed me the new design Fifi in the sky with diamonds. I LOVE EVERYTHING! hehe Keep up the good work! and they even gave me the booklet with the paper doll cutouts of you and your outfits :)

This Little Piggy said...

Oh goodness - she is divine, am loving the little mooching rabbit having an adorably nerdy moment - check out my entirely fifi based story at http://thislittlewhat.blogspot.com/2009/04/this-little-rabbit.html

keetee said...

I love Topshop!!!(and Paul Smith!!)

dinky dot said...

you look very 60's in the glasses lovey xxx

Gwendolyn said...

Hey Fifi, I received my gorgeous drawing the other day of you and sonny in Bottega Venetta! I love it so much and as promised I will e-mail you a picture of it in it's new home as soon as i've found the right spot. You look super cute with those gorgeous specks!

becca. said...

internet shoppings great!
topshops kate moss collection s/s 09 is now available in the u.k
yes geometric leggings.
i want a pair now!

xAZD said...

I love your drawings! they always make me smile.wei wrote about the topshop opening on our blog a few days ago - we live in new york and are goign to go very soon!


Summer said...

Oh i love the glasses.;D
Have a great day.;D

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