some exciting bits and bobs

It's hard to keep up with some of the things that happen to me especially when they are on the other side of the planet! So I really appreciate it when somebody takes the time to jot me a note!

first up the lovely Aileen sent me this from Japanese magazine Non-No showing all the bags from the LeSportSac collection. Check out her blog it's really pretty...

and big thanks to who Linda sent me the window of LeSportSac in Hong Kong. Check out the cutout version of me, It's so cute. I can't wait to get my paws on one, just imagine having a life size cutout of yourself in your own living room!

Hope you're having a lovely sunny week
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


keetee said...

I just wish the shop here(In Thailand)have your bag too,So pity,I have to find my friend in US ,so they can buy them for me.>_<

Always Love you!

Gwendolyn said...

Wow! you must feel like a superstar Fifi1 With having your pictures in magazines, bags on display and cardboard cut-outs!

FIFI LAPIN said...

thanks guys, yes I do feel pretty lucky!

Joanne said...

Lovely Fifi, do you know how long lesportsac will carry your designs for?
I am heading to New York (I am from Ireland :) ) in July, and I am sincerely hoping and wishing that there would be a glimmer of me being able to get one of those darling bags!
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

yixiaooo said...

congrats fifi!

jill said...

I've been a bit of your stalker of your blog for some time and was pleasently surprised to see a window of YOU on a trip to Honolulu!!
I would make my sons cross the street with me each day to have a look!!

strome_bebe said...

Hi Fifi..I just received a lovely gift.It's the LeSportsac window shopper tote in Sweethearts Prints for Easter. I fallen in love since your dress up print line.
Absolutely beautiful piece of art. I just connected with rabbits, becos i am born in the year of rabbit...looking forward for more! xoxo!
p/s: keetee: You can buy the bags from Singapore.

lailai said...

Aha~I wanna do the same thing as Linda when I saw the LeSportSac fifi collection window display in Taipei a couple of weeks ago!

Fifi is traveling around world now!

This Little Piggy said...

Wow - how amazing - you should be very proud - the recognition and success isvery much deserved - how much would I love a huge cutout of fifi in my room - so cool - well done. x

Carolina said...

The cutout does seem like a fun thing to have in one's room...



cat said...

be entertained

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Anonymous said...

Hi Fifi love all your clothes and bags.Im one fan of yours. Fifi your one intereseting furry fashionista :) .