It was lucky I postponed lunch until today. I don’t know what I was thinking even considering turning up at Harrods tea rooms to meet my Grandmother in denim, let alone super tight denim with designer rips – even if it is the height of haute couture. Thankfully Grandmother approved of my Chanel ensemble, anything Karl Largerfeld does is a work of art to her. I’m pretty sure she has big a crush on him!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

extracted from Hong Kong publication Little thing Magazine


Kate said...

this is so cute fifi (: please have a look at my blog!

xAZD said...

i'm glad your grandmother approves - i certainly do XD

Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland said...

yum yum yum. love this sketch Fifi - please do sketches from editorials too!! also, MORE CHLOE!! xx


katiecrackernuts said...

Oh, so pleased you thought that through. Well done. You're right, high tea and ripped jeans ... never ever. What would your grandma's gal pals say?

Lucy in the Sky said...

Haha, funny that you mention that your grandma thinks anything created by the Kaiser is a work of art. he has been quoted that he "hates" when people consider fashion art. pffft to that, though, I agree with your grandma! lovely outfit, by the way!

enJAYneer said...

nice post... thanks for sharing...

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Becca said...

I Love the dress! Especially the bow :)

Mandylee said...

I love the pattern it's so crafty.

sue said...


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