Marc by Marc Jacobs really makes me happy!

by the way my shops (my boutique and my etsy shop) are having a little summer break. You can still order prints but they won't be posted until the beginning of July

Hope the sun is shining for you today

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


henry_cervantes said...

Marc Jacobs is the best! =) kisses

Kate said...

i love this outfit (:

Anonymous said...

That Marc Jacobs makes me happy too
Marc always delights us with his clothes, well, me personally.
Fifi beautiful as allways and I hope the sun shine for you too, although here it is winter in South America :(


Sam said...

You blog is totally charming! I found it by chance!

Shen-Shen said...

I love your scarf!

Joy said...

That necklace rocks!

joshylola said...

I love Marc Jacobs.Great picture

Summer said...

I like this outfit.=)
Hope to see more from you.Have a great day.=)

A Writers Den

The Brown Mestizo

.cocobutterlipbalm said...

adorable - love the rabbit...... marc jacobs look is stunning!I think your blog is really quirky and cool and I'd really appreciate if you would become a follower on mine -http://cocobutterlipbalmx.blogspot.com/ - and comment on my posts

Jessica Turnbow said...

Too cute!

Jack said...

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