On Tuesday...

On Tuesday I wore Giambattista Valli...
Not the most practical of dresses, I keep getting stuck in doorways!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

Extracted from the July issue of Little Thing Magazine

p.s. Whoops, Sorry! I forgot to properly list the postcards yesterday which meant they were listed as 'coming soon' I have now fixed that and they are to buy here


Kiwi said...

I love Fifi Lapin! And this dress is fabulous!--like all your unique outfits (:

The Indie Handmade Show said...

So adorable! Fifi looks amazing in yellow!

I want a little Fifi Lapin just here, near me! ^_^

modediktat said...

Hey Fifi,
your yellow Giambattista Valli dress is too beutiful to be true! Maybe it doesn't work for casual doors - but you meant to live in a little castle with big, wide doors for every dress you're going to wear :)
xoxo, S.

Cartee said...

Ahah, this is cute and very creative, I love it.

vanilla said...

your works are unexplainably adorable and it makes me fell for it whenever I open your blogspot ><

Katy said...

does anyone know where we can buy little thing magazine online?

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