Shop Update!

I've had a little makeover at the shop and have also added some new goodies for you to peruse. First up is this new print titled 'What Shall I Wear Today?' made up of some of my own outfit designs. I'm particularly partial to the 50's specs and knitting bag! You can click on the image above for a closer look. The print is available here.

I have also added some new postcard packs, get yours quick because from previous experience they sell out fast! There is also the new photographic prints of my travels round the world here and another print titled The Red Glasses available here

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Panda said...

cute - i'll make sure to check it out. LOVE your blog btw, so sweet.

Panda x

Gabbi said...

Wonderful new items and look... !!

Vik said...

Love your blog! so different! Just came across you for the first time! will def be back to check your bunny adventures again!
much love from Ireland xx

Little Clementine said...

Your blog is the most adorable thing ever - keep up the amazing work :)

Lucy in the Sky said...

cool! I LOVE your pictures! will check out your inventory. :)

Megan Coyle said...

oh wow, your illustrations are fantastic!

andrew@rabbit-cages.com said...

You are correct, the most stylish bunny around :-)

ps: email me, I'd love to get our two sites linked, I'm in the process of finding quality rabbit blogs and adding them and I'd love to add yours.

Amanda said...

Can I just say that I'm impartial to the glasses! Absolutely LOVE! Bring on the shades! PS- I heard Bugs has been checking you out....be careful, he's on anti-(beta) carotene patches now so he's a bit jumpy.

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