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As you can see from the photo our next stop was India and here you can see me enjoying the beautiful sunset at the Taj Mahal. For the first time in three days of being in India there wasn't a soul around to ask to take a photo of us (There are a lot of people in India and it feels like they all want to meet you at the same time!) so Sonny couldn't be in this one but I assure you the Taj Mahal was a very romantic place... and india itself is amazing, so much to look at. You don't need to plan anything just wandering around is interesting enough and they do a mean curried carrot!

I'm wearing Eley Kishimoto, the dress was lovely and light but the socks were a chore, even in the evening the heat is exactly as you imagine it would be in India.

I've got one more photo of our travels to share with you, see you soon!
bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


keetee said...

I always love Eley Kishimoto and now it's on you!!!!
Anyway,You look so cute!!!!and I always love you too^^

Miss Fluff said...

Gorgeous photo Fifi!

cyrille said...

oh, i really love the dress, but more importantly, i love you <3 x

Ty Ty said...

haha love the title! beautiful photos fifi! that dress is gorgeous.... i think it was worth sweating for those socks!
Ty Ty

Style Redux 2 said...

Great outfit and colors!

Kate said...

I love the dress, and the socks are adorable! x

Flawed Timing said...

That is the lovliest outfit I've seen all summer.

the cityhipster said...

great outfit fifi! i love the dress!


Gabbi said...

I ♥ your travel fotos dear Fifi, the Eley Kishimoto dress is fantastic and those socks are adorable! Legs become candy... how sweet is that?

Looking forward to future vignettes!♥xo

Lucy in the Sky said...

such a beautiful photo of you. :) what a lovely view of the Taj! and pretty socks!

FIFI LAPIN said...

thanks everyone! special bunny kisses to you all
Fifi xx

FashionLagniappe said...

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Anonymous said...

I looooooove that dress!

Lady Stardust said...

your blog is so cute!
do you mind exchanging links?
i will add you anyway on my sidebar



Lenore said...

Hello!! :) I lurve this sooo much!

by the way, i saw the post on Egypt...Im actually in egypt now!! I grew up here and I'm staying for the summer!!


Sushi said...

Lovely outfit and pictures! x Sushi

joshylola said...

Nice pink dress

kiriko said...

how do you make the shadows?
looks so amazing!

Looove your blog!

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