Announcing my very exciting Birthday Competition!

The competition is now closed! Thanks for all you brilliant entries. I'll be announcing the winner on Monday 5th October

Well I promised to show you what I wore to my birthday party last night and it's taken me all day to get it together. I've been recovering on the chaise from all those carrot cocktails and don't even get me started on my paws - I danced all night long! So anyway, SURPRISE! it was a fancy dress party. Did you guess? I left a little hint on my Japanese shoji screen yesterday. I had a total of 12 outfits, that's roughly two outfits an hour, It has to be a record! (click on the pic for a closer look) I loved wearing them all, it was so much fun and as I am feeling super happy it means I am also feeling super generous....

...to celebrate my big day I am holding a very exciting competition...

One lucky winner will not only win a gorgeous limited edition print of my birthday outfits (Top pici) they will also become the lucky owner of a Tag and Go Satchel with the 'Fifi In The Sky' print that I designed for LeSportSac...

...and I'm throwing in a pack of best selling postcards to boot!

To win all 3 prizes all you have to do is tell me 3 random facts about yourself in the comments section below. The Competition will close exactly a month from today on 25th September 2009. Oh and remember make sure you leave some way for me to contact you (blog link, facebook, myspace or email etc.)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a bit better!
Good Luck!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


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Vanessa said...

I take ballet classes
My favourite undies are striped
I live in Toronto

Audrey Malo said...

i can put my foot behind my neck !
my fat cat just brought me a dead frog !
i wish i lived in a treehouse like the ewoks !

Natalie said...

I'm a musician.
I own a fashion brand and company.
I tripped over a leaf once.

Karalee Serra said...

I've watched Ratatouille at least 42 times.
I am a serial blogger with 3 blogs (see below).
I live with 2 amazing dogs who make me smile each and every day.

www.tildaintheburbs.com - just some dog chat
www.myboyfrienddatedachef.com - recipe blog
www.ramblingsfromadesignstudio.com - design blog

Silvia Falqueto said...

I love coffee
I am a biologist
I'm wearing a mint nailpolish today


Peras y Manzanas said...

I really don't like Pink Floyd Music.
My ipod name's Maximiliano.
I would eat cheesecake ice cream if i could for the rest of my life.

Devin B. said...
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yael said...

ok, here I go!
1. I adore to do what I do
2. I have 2 children, Ian and Ema
3. I am in love with my husband

Mi-Mi said...

I aM a Younger Mama
I Like FifI LaPIn Very muCh
I will share anything I like with my SON (10 yrs old already) : P

jenn! (knits a lot) said...

i've never been off the east coast :(
i adore crossword puzzles and own the documentary
i can knit almost anything

<3 jennknitsalot.com/blog

Devin B. said...

1.I'm color blind.
2.My first Opera was Peter Rabbit.
3.I enjoy sailing while dreaming of Couture.


Karolin said...

I'm short, I have two chihuahuas (the make me look bigger) and I can't live without Salty liquorice.

MrsNYC said...
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ALEXANDRA P. said...

1. I lived in Shanghai, China for 1 year.
2. I treat my pomeranian and two hamsters like they're my children.
3. I cut my hair last year and miss it now.

Contact me thru my blog :)

MrsNYC said...

i have curly hair, I love making jewelry and my new food addiction is anchovies.
you can always find me at www.natashaylanadesigns.wordpress.com

Pierrot le Fou said...
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Pierrot le Fou said...


1.I was once in the worlds largest orchestra

2.I found out when I got to the top of Gaudi's Cathedral in Barcelona that I was afraid of heights, I had to go all the way down (170metres) on my bum

3.The day I was born is in the film Donnie Darko- when they go to kiss but that man is watching-That's my birthday


kdizzy said...

My favorite holiday is Halloween
I have no sense of direction and often get lost as a result
I read my horoscope daily

boltandfrolic said...

I was born in the Year of the Rabbit; 1963
Both my dear house rabbits kiss me on the cheek
I named my company after what all bunnies love to do— Bolt and Frolic!

Perri said...

I dream of owning a pair of Louboutins.
I'm obsessed with coffee.
I love anything that has to do with bunnies.


we are already friends on facebook :)

Miss D.W said...

♥ I live for happiness and laughter.
♥ Maya The Bee, is one of my favorite books.
♥ I'm a heartbreak suvivor

Sarah said...

I love all of your birthday outfits! Here are three facts:

1. Although I have spent half my life wearing jeans and t-shits, I am now crazy about wearing skirts and dresses. I still have the best t-shirts though.
2. On my 8th birthday I decided to blow out my candles with only the air from my nose. That feat grossed everyone out, including me. We still ate the cake though, who can resist cake?
3. I planned on being a music teacher but now I am a wedding planner like J-Lo in that movie.

Kup,Kup Land said...

I am allergic to cold weather,
I could eat all day, bread with balsamic vinegar,
My favorite book is Anna Karenina.

Sioux said...

i love fifi lapin!
i collect dolls, vinyl toys, and miniatures.
i take my camera with me everywhere i go.

layersofmeaning said...

1. I've lived most of my life in hotels.
2. My sister and I share the same birthday, she is 6 years older than me.
3. I've lived in 7 different countries

Tiffany said...

I love the Museum of Modern Art and went there for art classes this summer

I like watercolor paint above any other type of paint

I love scrapbooking!

Patricia said...

I live in Brazil and met my Turkish boyfriend in Canada
I have the word "dada" from dadaism tattooed
I am really addicted to the band Sunset Rubdown these days

Aysha's Rabbit Hole said...


Kipi said...

I'm scared of penguins
My bunnies like it when I sing to them
I used to have a family of ladybirds living in my livingroom lampshade

hopscotch studio said...

I am addicted to 80's earrings

I am indecisive to a fault

My dream job would be to name crayons, nail polish and lip stick colors.

Alexandra said...

My heart is painted with watercolors
I love new ideas, new ways of living, new visions
What I´ve learned this year is that the key of happiness is letting go :)
Again, happy b-day <:)

emma-rose said...

to: fifi lapin

♥ when it thunders outside, the kid in me still wants to hide under the covers
♥ i once baked a cheescake. with garlic cream cheese.
♥ sometimes i press the heel of my palm to my eyes to see the fireworks

from: emma-rose


DLPA said...

1) I am indecision personified.

2) I'm obssessive, especially over Orlando Bloom. over bags. over jewellery. Actually I prefer Josh Hartnett. Argh. See no. 1.

3) I love the smell of fresh laundry.

anja louise said...

hazelnuts are my favorite nut.

i have a cat named 56.

i love to hunt for mushrooms in the woods (epsecially morels in spring).

bonne anniversaire fifi!

swirlingmuse said...

Happy Birthday Fifi!

1. My birthday is on the summer solstice.

2. My favourite flowera are sweet peas.

3. And weirdly I like the sound snow makes when you walk in it!

Lea ^_^

Michèle said...

I play dress up everyday.
I write for magazines.
I never want to grow up.

auxpaysdesmerveilles said...

OK here I go!
- I can touch my nose with my tongue
- I talk to myself (a lot)
- I am extremely clumsy, I always manage to cover myself with what I'm eating!

noa said...

my favourite typeface is helvetica
i have a bunny named bunnyman (like a superhero!)
i carry a pack of egyptian tarot cards in my miu miu purse with me

fifi, you are the fiercest, most stylish, adorable lapin in all the world, in all the universe. much love.

xx, fia.

Samantha said...

I love chai tea lattes,
I live in Portland, Oregon,
And I love Harry Potter very dearly

Lali Cristina said...

1) I’m only child from 2 teenage parents and I was the live resemblance of little miss sunshine when I was a little girl...with dyslexia

2) I love vintage things cause I feel if they could talk they’d have stories to tell. I even imagine a couple of them depending on where I've found them :B

3) At kindergarten I was kicked out of the school cause at the "creative hour" I started redecorating the walls of the doll house with play-dough and finger-paints and pieces of magazines... I thought that was what creative was all about! Nowadays I'm a textile designer :)

My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=546883860&ref=name
My email: fakeplastiklau@gmail.com

nattybumbum said...

I ate midget gens for my breakfast this morning.

I can't stop buying socks

I used to pretend the towels hung on the bathroom door were people and talked to them when I was a kid at bath time.

APrettyProblem said...

Happy Bday again FIFI!

my email is alishamiele@yahoo.com

and my blog is www.aprettyproblem.com


Well three things about me.

I'm only 5 1" so everyone calls me a little fairy.

If I wasn't going to school for fashion it would be culinary school I love to cook!

I got an internship this year designing flip flops for kid's and it is really fun.

Thanks and you looked gorg on your bday I can hang it next to my best friends print!

Chloe D. said...

- i adopted a rescue puppy in may and am now realizing that people probably feel as bored listening to my stories of his triumphs as i do listening to stories about their kids

- ive been fired THREE TIMES, but have finally found my place at an unexpected dream job

- i am trying to win the high score at ghouls & ghosts on our company arcade machine. im hoping this will earn the respect of my peers

maxine alice said...

once, i had a hamster called snowy that ate cheesecake in my bath.
the other day i was walking down the street and i bumped into the commedian jimmy carr!
i wish very much that i had a teacup costume like yours.

LEY said...

I can't stand being late for appointments but funnily enough, I am such a procrastinator. :)

I like to listen to Christmas music on cold, Sunday mornings

I learned to read mainly through singing a lot of karaoke as a kid.

— Ley Sanchez on Facebook, Fifi! ♥ :)

Michelle Elaine said...

Random Facts:
1. According to the Chinese Zodiac I'm a Rabbit, but the Vietnamese Zodiac says I'm a Cat. Depending on my mood I like to switch from cute and fluffy to catty with spunk.

2. I have two names for each name. (Ex: Michelle Elaine is my first name)

3. I regret not going to school for art. I would've made a great starving artist.


&ria said...

1) i have a rescue bunny named yuna [http://lh4.ggpht.com/_2y1p_frLYvo/SjsaoabvEQI/AAAAAAAABwA/QWvIwcNRYsI/SDC10369.JPG], who came from a petting zoo beside a butcher shop. our vet suspects she might have been used for medical research due to some bizarre scarring she has.

2) i've lost 110 lbs over the past year and i (for the first time in my life) am able to fit into some of the clothes you model!

3) i am a total anglophile who is currently obsessed with big brother 10 uk.

Steph Mertes said...

I had a huge bunny stuffed animal as a kid, named Mopsy, that I cherished. It was matted and forlorn, but I adored it.

I have a massive girl crush on Zooey Deschanel.

I have an extensive magazine collection that is in the couple hundreds and I keep them all in pristine condition (NEVER would I cut Lula!)

Irene Ita-as said...

I am a fan of Alice in Wonderland.
I am turning 19 on September 21.
I gave you a hug for your birthday on Facebook! :)

taggylee said...
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taggylee said...

1. i volunteer at the animal shelter where i cuddle bunnies and make them giant salads!
2. i am not partial to cake, but i am obsessed with pie.
3. i have seen the real stonehenge in england and the fake one in washington; i enjoyed the fake one more.


dizia said...

I can bend my elbows in both sides
I had a pet hare and wild piggy as a little girl
If I would like to have a tattoo, it would be a music score!

my fashion blog: http://kittenmittens.tumblr.com
email: sequinthree@gmail.com

sarah said...

I can practically reenact every episode of the Golden Girls

My favorite clothes are from Anthropologie

I've vistied or lived in 21 out of the 50 states

Sarah Wertz,

julie said...

<> i love my daugher lola more than anything.

<> when i grow up i'm going to be a children's clothing designer.

<> when i think of how much i love my husband i almost stop breathing.


anne. said...

i like to wear xmas underwear all year long, it's like a surprise everytime i pull down my pants;

i cried like a baby during Madama Butterfly and stained my nice opera dress with mascara;

i have beauty marks in the whites of my eyes.

Ricardo said...

1. There's a tiny hole in my left sock... but it's my favorite pair so...

2. I was working on an illustration of Her Majesty, Madonna... but I put it on hold just for a sec to write this.

3. I love Mafalda.



Emily Claire Rose said...

-I can sing the Alphabet backwards
-The only song I know all the lyrics to is Moon River from Breakfast at Tiffany's
-I'm only 15 & I wish I lived in the 60's

find me at my blog
Emily Claire Rose


Cheryl said...

I enjoy doodling pretty things, but can't seem to make them pretty enough.

I have a love-hate relationship with my laptop.

I tend to remember my dreams.

Cat said...

i love to make videos when i'm bored.
i was a hairdresser.
i love eating salmon sashimi.

chicadecanela said...

1.I have two little dogs: Perlita and Juno. They are both mixed-race.
2.I have my own accessories company: http://www.chicadecanela.com
3.I´m drinking coffee with milk and eating home baked biscuits right now.

contact: infoatchicadecaneladotcom

Hannah said...

1.I grew up with a big fat toy rabbit called Mr. Bun
2.I eat breakfast for lunch and dinner
3.I like chanel nail polish


sephoratrash said...

I live in California
I'm obsessed with tea
My cat is named after Edgar Allan Poe.

Nicole said...

1. I totally love Pink, the most cute color in the world.
2. i´m addicted to bags, just wish i had more money to buy them haha!
3.I think the epoch Renaissance is very interesting.

cinnamonkite said...

1. I don't like cold water, but room temperatured.
2. I'm a swimmer (and pretend to be a mermaid underwater).
3. I don't know if I want kids.


Leanne said...

I've alwyas love the concept of masquerade parties.

I love russin dolls!

I'm 17 and i've always wanted to be a ballerina.


Gabbi said...

Great great competition/giveaway dearest Fifi!

1. My very first pet ever was a white poodle and her name was Fifi (no lie!). She was adorable.

2. Whenever I'm really really happy I tap dance (usually by myself)

3. I secretly wish I had a middle name (I have none).

Keeping fingers crossed *Bises*♥♥

MinMin said...

I have this fetish for pretty trench coats.

I wish i've got a walk-in wardrobe. They are so cool!

I enjoy long bus rides cos it gives me time to think about everything.


Joy said...

- I love going to the first day of the Harrods sales.
- I will be starting 'dental hygiene and therapy' at university in September.
- I have a 16 month old sister who is 17 years younger than me.

email: joyp115@hotmail.com

toritori said...

Happy Birthday, Fifi!! (:

Random Facts:
1. I have a shiny red heart-shaped balloon tied to my bed post at the moment.
2. I love all animals and think that madagascar hissing cockroaches are kinda cute.
3. My current object of desire is a pink vespa!

EMAIL : oathkeeping@gmail.com
TWITTER : http://twitter.com/OISEAUU

HuiMin said...

I love you Fifi lapin! Ok here goes, 3 things about myself.

I'm pretty much attracted to the aesthetic, style and fashion of the 18th century.

I love collecting snow globes. It makes me feel at peace.

I love the smell of rain.


Laila ! said...

1. i play the guitar
2. each month i change my desktop wallpaper to a new fifi look depending on the season
3. i've been collecting movie tickets ever since i was five

Sabrina Eras said...

1.I´m addicted to Sakuras
2.I love to climb mountains
3.I have afraid of what´s have in my closet at night, I have to lock them all to sleep.


xx rr said...

1. i enjoy watching tennis on TV.
2. i am obsessed with stella mccartney ads.
3. i used to eat lip balm when i was a kid.

Ruthie said...


1| I am married but still sleep with a stuffed polar bear at night...
2| I am ashamed but must admit that at this time my favorite tv show is "My Antonio"
3| I put tabasco on everything

Liu said...

1. I have a friend with the same name and birthday as me( august 16).
2. My boobies looks like silicone.
3. I am a graphic designer who lives in a city where the profession is not valued

Diane said...

I'm an actor in NY.

London is my favorite city.

I call my husband Bunny Rabbit!

patrícia encarnação said...

Happy birthday again! Love all the outfits!

1. I absolutelly love animals
2. I have a green eye and a brown one
3. I love fashion, design and art


K said...

hehe this is too good to let pass..

San Francisco is now the longest place I've ever lived and I just clocked in at 5 years

I make a great monkey face

I've just decided to take up archery.

kim said...

I like trees more than people.
I bake every 2-3 days.
I want to be in space.

Marie said...

i'm so glad you're making us do a fun post! :)

I am a twin.
I once found $20 in a library book
I am an aspiring fashion photographer


Nature Grafitti said...

Happy, happy birthday!
Here we go...
1.) I can lick my elbow, even though it's supposed to be impossible.

2.) I am a direct descendant of Paul Revere

3.) My eyes are two different colours: one blue, one green


♥ Cremitas y Maquillajes ♥ said...

I never leave the house without at least a dash of makeup. I love reading and writing. I like knitting my own scarves.

Happy Birthday Fifi, and thanks for the opportunity!!!


Kiri and Carla said...

I love dancing barefoot (not the song but the fact)

I enjoy travelling with Blythe dolls in nice outfits and taking pics of them

Can't resist eating pastel coloured cupcakes and ice cream!

Marianne said...

I'd love to win! Thanks for the contest!

- I currently have an obsession for cute baby goats.
- I am starting my master's degree in a few days.
- I actually go to the gym with a Hello Kitty Sigg bottle...


Clare said...

I just moved to France
I love Marmite
My dream is to direct a film

Mallory said...

this is SO exciting! let's see.....

1. the only thing my stomach wants for breakfast is "dinner time" foods.
2. my dream pet is a capybara
3. when i was little i loved to dress up as david bowie.

Lauren said...

I hated high school more than anything.
I've always wanted to visit Jamaica.
I pride myself on the tiny bit of Armenian I have in me, just to be like Kim Kardashian.

Ada said...

Ooh! What a fabulous contest :)

1) My favorite movie is Gone with the Wind.

2) I make film textbooks for a living and I love it.

3) I'm the proud mama of a little, neurotic and wonderful rat terrier.

vein of noir said...

-I could eat burger and fries everyday.

-Sometimes I wish a was a spy.

-I love all things cute

Luvs2dance said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Lapin... in the words of Racheal Zoe your PArt outfits "SHUT it DOWN" :)

3 facts...
1. I am secretly obsessed with learning to sew

2. I love, love, love to DANCE

3. If I had the chance to live in Europe, I would move instantly.

jmluvs2dance@gmail.com or facebook:

sunshine c fox said...

a. when i was 6 i thought i was a rabbit and my name was mimi harryberg. i gave my best friend the name mimi rose (why she got the better name is something i still can't figure out) and created a rabbit club at school (all members got rabbit names too like eddie rabbit, peanut rabbit, robbie rabbit...)

b. i have too many thoughts and too many freckles.

c. when i am sad i like to draw and have imaginary conversations with georges and alfred.

ren said...

1. i covet the tag and go satchel
2. i have a cat who tolerates my husband but really loves me
3. i don't really care about bacon but i love veggie bacon

sunshine c fox said...

happy bunny birthday!!! i hope it is filled with couture and carrots.

Hireable said...

I'm a computer geek
I love fabric and clothing
Paris is my favorite city in the world.

Renata said...

- my favorite desert is bananas with cinnamon sugar melted in the microwave!

- red is my favorite color.

- i can stick my foot in my mouth.


Melissa said...

My cat is named after Elvis Presley
I sing when I am happy
My favourite colours are red and pink

Victoria Suzanne said...

happy birthday Fifi!

I have a new baby cousin named Ling Ling
I have pink, purple, and aqua hair!
I eat rice cakes like it's my job.

Callie Grayson said...

*I covet silver items
*I love to bake short bread
*I adore my puppy

random extra ** I miss the ocean terribly!


Katie said...

I wear green glasses,
I have a phobia of Escalators,
I believe that everything my horoscope says will happen.. xox

Jazz said...

I love having afternoon tea!

My favourite nail polish colour is called Antique Coral.

I would like to be an illustrator.

Jazz xx

Nadia Cupcake said...

My favourite food is beef stew
My real name isn't cupcake, but alot of people think it is.
My hair is pink, but i think i'll dye it red tommorow.


Erin said...

1. I watch breakfast at tiffanys while eating ben and jerry's cookie dough ice cream ( perfect match :)

2. I have a bent nose

3. I beatbox in my sleep

email : erin_rimmer@hotmail.com

Arianna said...

3 random facts about me:
- Im learning French!
- My teacher calls me Fifi after you!
- I love art!




minsquin said...

If there is a clock ticking i CANNOT sleep. when this first started i had this clock on my wall, and in the middle of the night, cause i couldn't sleep i got out of bed, and buried the clock in my wardrobe

My brother has a crocodile suit :)

I used to be scared of mouthwash... :S



Lauren said...

1. I'm not really into fashion except for your site!

2. I'm moving (back) across the country next year as I have grown tired of NYC after ten years.

3. At 28, I'm thinking of changing careers, which would involve going back to school for a while!

Natalia said...

I. when I was a child I wanted to be an actress.
II. About a year and a half I felt in love with Chelsea FC team and now I love to watch football.
III. this holidays I learned how to cook pasta and it made me so proud of myself!

Cat said...

Harpo Marx is my guardian angel.

I live on the island of Mallorca because I dreamed it into reality and pinch myself every day.

As a child I interviewed myself in the mirror thinking I was going to be a big movie star so I'd better practice.

HOPPY belated birthday, beautiful Fifi! xxC

Louise said...

- I'm very clumsy. I manage to stumble over almost anything

- In only to days I will be finishing my Master's Degree (fingers crossed)

- I have four guinea pigs


Staciela said...

1. my birthday is exactly 1 month from when you close this competition - i'm dressing up as a ballerina

2. i had ice cream for dinner last night

3. i love the summer because i can overdose on peaches and lemonade

Rafa. said...

I have an obsession for making things.

I have daydreams everyday with the smell of a hostel that i stayed last year in buenos aires.

Last week, after 20 years of existence, i assumed that i will draw to live.

ps: fifi! this is so fun. answer this competition makes my day better :)

SK said...

I've been pooped on by a bird three times -__-

I take vitamins every single day

I'm not an impulsive buyer! I'm quite the contrary!


Sarah said...

i had 3 wisdom tooth removed on your birthday
i have a bunny called SB who has been everywhere with me for the last 24 years...
i think you should wear more Paul Smith

girlaboutOtown said...

I am a shameless junk hunter and thrift store addict.

I regularly walk into walls by accident. (tee hee)

I'm currently testing the "do what you love and the rest will follow" theory. So far so good.

Lorena Cupcake said...

My favorite color is the rainbow.

My boyfriend can make a noise exactly like a baby monkey.

I would like to own a hat shaped like a hot dog.

AphroChic said...

Happy Birthday Fifi!!!

3 random things about me:
I do silly dances in the shower every morning.
I am obsessed with soy chais.
I took ballet lessons just to wear the frilly tutu.


AngelaBeth said...

~My major in college is Geology
~My initials are ABC
~I'm saving up for a better camera

Mengxiao said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Georgiana said...

1.I have 2 parrots and a white rabbit named Harry
2.I love to dye my hair in bright colors
3.I'm opening my own jewellery shop


she said...

fifi lapin is the cutest EVER.
1. i always sleep on my right side.
2. i like to wear men's watches.
3. i could live on guacamole!

MegRuth said...

1. I found a message in a bottle on the beach when I was three.

2. I aspire to own a black pug named Boba (as in Bubble Tea).

3. Clouds are my favorite things in nature.

simone ... [elleo] said...

happy birthday, you beautiful bunny, you!

- I lived in Australia for a year when I was three years old.
- I simply adore pasta salad.
- I sing pretty much 24 / 7.

if you by some chance want to contact me, please search Simone Bear on facebook.com


Noelle said...

i like to sew animals and cakes out of felt.
i curl my hair every day because i think it looks glamorous.
my favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio.

Noelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mishix said...

Happy birthday Fifi!! :D

-i just turned 21last friday.
-i started my first job after college in July.
-my two favorite cities in the whole world are beijing and chicago. i hope i can get married in chicago next year.

Thank you for holding this contest :)

betsy said...

happy birthday, love

1. i crochet taxidermy animals because real ones are scary
2. i am addicted to Hi-Chew candy
3. i love making lists, so this was a dream contest


Sophia said...

1.) The first language I ever learned was Arabic.. but then I completely forgot how to speak it.

2.) I have lived in 3 different countries so far in my life, and I'm only 17.

3.) I named the freckle on my left cheek Edie, and I have named the other freckle on my chin Marylin.

Anonymous said...

Une: I am the same age as Kate Moss.
Deux: I love to hide and jump out at people.
Trois: I have a BA(Hons) in English lit. and cannot spell.

Me said...

Une: I am the same age as Kate Moss.
Deux: I love to hide and jump out at people.
Trois: I have a BA(Hons) in English lit. and cannot spell.

Whoops - also cannot sign into my account

Mary said...

Last night I went to a diner and treated myself to blueberry pie a la mode and hot chocolate.

My day job is working at an insurance brokerage company.

I grind my teeth at night.

Ariel said...

1. I have a fear of burning my tongue so I always drink luke warm tea.
2. I just got engaged
3. I like bright white and bright colors

fingers crossed!!

sick peach said...

1. My cat's name is Lionel Richie
2. I'm training for a 1/2 marathon, and I daydream when I run (oh the lives I've lived, the outfits I've worn)
3. My nightly dessert is a tespoon of nutella, licked off the spoon.


Pitza said...

oNE. I can bend my thumb all the way to the back of my hand and i'm secretly proud of it.

tWo. I'm 21 but I still love playgrounds.

Lastly ThrEE! People always describe me as 'Cute' and give me head pats or cheek pinches even when i'm no longer a kid. -_-"

Kelsey K said...

Happy Birthday Fifi! I hope you had a wonderful and fashionable one this year!

Here's a few facts about me:

1. My Chinese zodiac is the Rabbit (1987)
2. I share the same birthday as Julie London
3. I am an excellent baker

If you like to visit me, my blog is ringobunny.blogspot.com

♥ ELAINE. said...

01. i eat foods crust first.
02. when i was younger my favorite color was pink because the pink power ranger was my favorite.
03. i'm almost 21 and i don't know how to ride a bike.

blog: http://elaineology.blogspot.com

Carmen said...

1. I have lived in six cities in the U.S., by choice.
2. I travel 2+ hours monthly for my coffee beans.
3. Dominican curly hair is my greatest blessing, never a curse.

LadyKatherine said...

1. Almost a year ago a scorpion stung me (four times!) while I was sleeping.
2. I love knitting but almost never finish what I start.
3. I should be doing my homework.

Pia said...

<3 I am a mother of two impossibly cute kids
<3 I have a torrid love affair with food
<3 I make confections for a living


Aimée, said...

1. I strongly dislike the feeling of falling because one time I had a dream that I was in an elevator which was faulty and rapidly sped down the lift shaft at full speed and I felt the sensation in my sleep.

2. I really like the words Vixen and the name of the children's medicine 'Tixy Lix.' There is something about the 'X'.

3. I like to look at peoples' faces and study their characteristics and watch how they do things. People who are naturally graceful and elegant enthrall me.


Kessisca said...

1. I am named for the Patron saint of Spunky Irish girls!

2. My dachshund, Scarlett O'Hara, is sleeping on my lap right now.

3. When I was little I told my mom I wanted to be The Easter Bunny when I grew up. :)

bryana said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Fifi!
3 things about me (Montse Pérez Bosch):
- I envy you have so many brothers and sisters as I don't have any
- I procastinate too much (mostly at work)
- I love dancing

Julie said...

-I can't sleep with socks on
-My cousin just moved in with me and we're pretending that we are roommates in a dorm
-Martha Stewart is my idol

Love the blog!!

Brittany Haun said...

♥ I do not and have not ever had any wisdom teeth.
♥ I am addicted to chocolate.
♥ Being touched behind my knees makes me squirm.

email: bhaun87@comcast.net
myspace: myspace.com/haunnika
facebook: Brittany Haun
blog: paperdollinke.blogspot.com

Vanessa said...

Oh my gosh, do you have any idea just how many comments you will receive?
Here's my three:
I'm 23 and still scared of the dark.
Dressing up is my favorite thing to do.
My favorite shoes are a pair of red suede vintage heels with a bow that cost me $17. They are too tall for me to walk in, but I love them anyways.

elsie said...

Hi Fifi Lapin! Hope you had the bestest birthday! xx

*I have the cutest pet cockatiel called Coz.

*I once excavated an Egyptian fortress.

*I have a Bill Bailey kite.


Mikaela said...

1. I love Alice in Wonderland.
2. My mom gave me a walking doll for my 10th birthday.
3. I just came home from the airport.


Dulce Gutierrez said...

1.- I have a job in my hobbie
2.- I love the passion word!
3.- I am a only child
contact me at gmdulce@homail.com

Bexy said...

I collect other people's found library book receipts.

I have developped an addiction to South Melbourne market dim sims

I am dreaming of finding the perfect crockery set in my op shop and market treasure hunts

Pollipop said...


I like the color of squid ink risotto.
Looking at it makes me full but I dont enjoy the taste very much *weird i know*

My favorite kind of day is with stormy weather.

I collect buttons and pretend to have a button tea party with my dolls.


by char C said...

* I only drink soy lattes (but I'm not vegan or lactose-intolerant)
* I had a bunny sister when I was young (well me and my friend used to call ourselves the "bunny sisters" due to our love for the little creature)
* I want to try watching a movie by myself in the theater (still haven't done that)

ps. happy birthday!! very exciting indeed :)


Keira said...

ive been a vegetarian since i was 3 years old

i can fake a british accent so well people believe im actually british

speaking of british accents....

i once prank called numerous restaurants(while talking in my british accent) and asked for a whippy(british term for ice cream)

contact me via email!: peace.love.ponies@gmail.com

Theresa said...

I live with two bunnies.
I collect sea glass.
I love my bicycle.


your Facebook friend (http://www.facebook.com/theresa.bicanic)

Kasey said...

I can't whistle
My mum is my best friend
The nail polish I am wearing today is scented like blueberries

Ashley Skye Bunny said...

1) I'm writing a book.
2) I'd love to have my own boutique&I have a plan for it and everything.
3) My boyfriend and I pretend we're a kitty&bunny couple, respectively. And that we'll have bunny-kittens we'll call buttens. It's silly, but I love it.

Antonio Barros said...

My grandmother was born in Ukraine
I can't stop playing videogames
I live now in Paris

lovelylaughs said...

I love you Fifi! :)

I was an exchange student to Romania for my junior year of high school two years ago.

I absolutely adore Nutella, the hazelnut chocolate spread and can never get enough of it.

I have an insane amount of jewelry hanging from the walls in my room, so much that I could rival that of a jewelry shop.

Happy Birthday again Fifi,


lovelylaughs. :D

Yumi said...

I can snap my fingers louder than anybody I know
I have been to the UK
My favorite article of clothing is my Sonia Rykiel safety-pin sweater!

Billie Jean Is Not My Lover said...

- I was born and raised in Texas
- I don't go anywhere without my iPod handy
- I love my black and white checkered Vans

email: denised316@gmail.com

Scherbatsky said...

1. i am in medical school
2. i am more instinctively creative than i am scientific
3. i write and record my own music just for fun


genevieve a.k.a. the bandit said...

facts are so hard!
ok, here we go...
1) i still sleep with my stuffed rabbit that was given to me when i was born.she is about three feet tall, white with long ears, and looks a whole lot like fifi!
2)said rabbit's name is je m'appelle because that is what the tag said when she arrived on my doorstep (neither of my parents speak french, so thay assumed that was the name! too funny)
3) my favorite season is the fall, and even though my birthday is in the winter, i absolutely detest the cold!

H A N A said...
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yes, please said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yes, please said...

* i snort when i laugh
* my first concert was cyndi lauper (and i was 5)
* i am a recovering vegetarian

Sarah said...

Hi Fifi Lapin! Humbly consider my entry~
1. When I was 11 I was convinced that I would get a Hogwarts letter
2. Recently I have been having a sequins fetish.
3. My dog is perhaps the fattest greyhound around! If that's even possible...

Dannibeth said...

I am a classically trained Opera singer
I love eating Smarties (Canadian chocolate)
I am in love with a guy 5000 miles away in another continent

fadingflowers said...

1. I have a scar on right size of my leg that shapes like the United States of America.
2. I used to have a black cat named bouncy, because she always bounces a lot.
3. I have a beauty mark just like Cindy Crawford but on right side pretty much my whole life.

contact - http://www.flickr.com/photos/fadingflowers

Lily said...

1. I bind my own journals
2. I just got the best sweatshirt ever from American Apparel! One of the acid-wash hoodies... Yum
3. I listen to obscure Japanese music


Krissy said...

Oh wow, what lovely costumes! I'm lovely the tea cup and clown (third from left on top row). And what a fantastic give-away! Such great prizes - congrats in advance to the lucky winners! :D

My facts:
1. I was born on the 12th day of the 12th month at 12:04pm.
2. Blueberry pancakes are one of my favourite meals. If they can be counted as a meal, that is.
3. My pinky fingers are crooked at the top joint. Oh, genetics.

Melanie said...

1. I have met and kissed The Fonz
2. Barry Manilow tried to pick me up in a bar once
3. I have a rare mole on my back

k. said...

I get a kick out of unintentionally matching by wearing red underwear and green clothes. Christmas!

I was born 2 days before Christmas.

I'm a tiny 5 feet tall.

BookGirl said...

What wonderful prizes! How could I NOT enter?

1. I grew up in Key West Florida, but don't know how to swim.
2. I'm a huge Fred & Ginger fan (Astaire & Rogers, natch)
3. I've gone back to school to earn my B.F.A. in printmaking.


LHALL said...
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LHALL said...

1. I eat my ceral form a mug
2. I spend 80% of my work day blogging
3. I love vine leaves my my new deli!

lizita said...

I am fashion designer

i love the simple things

i am a happy person!!!!

Lucy in the Sky said...

JOY! I love LeSportsac and YOU! what a winning combination!

1. I met my favorite Beatles photographer, Robert Whitaker, in May and he even kissed my hand! O_O

2. I'm trying out for Jeopardy online...in a minute!

3. I'm starting my second year of university in a month and I still haven't declared my major.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Fifi! <3

H A N A said...

Hi Fifi!

Well, let's see..
My name's not really Hana.
But I do like bananas.
And all I wanna do is dance to Copacabana!

And my birthday is on August 28th ;)


sian said...

1. i have a wiener dog
2. i am a twin
3. i hate avocado so much

Cielo said...

I can't sing.
I love to dance.
I want to learn Portuguese just cause.

raquelle said...

I have 2 blogs, one for personal style and another for street style.
I speak 3 languages, English, Spanish, and French; but I can also understand when people speak to me in Italian.
My favorite pet is a bunny that I used to have, named Fifi; unfortunately when I moved, I had to give her to a petting zoo.

Happy Birthday, Fifi!


Nicole Gauthier said...

1. I love Feist's music, but I love her hair even more.

2. I really like to play Tetris, even though I'm not any good.

3. My favourite places to shop are thrift stores and vintage stores.

You may contact me via e-mail at nicole[dot]gauthier[at]msn[dot]com.

Miss Eliza Sea said...

I am a bellydancer
I go just about everywhere on my bicycle
I have a kitty that snuggles with me every night when I go to bed

misskittenly said...

1. i am falling in love with an amazing boy; he doesn't know it yet, but my heart beats wildly every time i get a letter from him in my inbox...

2. i am allergic to cats. this makes me sad because i can't hug them.

5. i have 3 younger sisters (and one older one) and when they were very young our mum was sick, so i took care of them a lot. this has made us very close, sometimes i am like their mother, and i sometimes wonder whether they are not the REAL loves of my life...

fifi you are beautiful! xxx



Vivyan Zhang said...

~I love cake for its many disguises and deliciousness
~My favorite place to visit is Barcelona,Spain
~I wished my hair was purple when I was younger

Lilian said...

I live in Singapore. It's a tiny island in South East Asia.

I support indie musicians and films.

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast!

michelle wan said...

1. i'm a creature of habit––i can have the same muesli for breakfast for 6 months and not get bored.

2. i'm obsessive compulsive and a neat freak. all my books, clothes, etc are sorted according to colour.

3. i'm a designer but sometimes i doubt my ability to create because of the negativity towards design you get in my country.

yukibum said...

my favorite fast food is jollibee
i want to travel the world, especially around europe
im going to graduate in one year :)


Macy said...

I write 55-word stories based on photographs.

I can live off Nutella and a spoon for the rest of my life.

I am only girl in a family of 6 (now 5). My Mommy became my guardian angel a year and a half ago.

My blog is linked but you can also reach me at conversationbreakATgmailDOTcom (:

Little Clementine said...


I constantly stress out or have what my friend's call "Carolyn attacks" aka panic attacks.
I adore pearls.
I am too ambitious for myself to handle. If there is such a thing!

曹婷婷 said...

My mom used to call me Fifi when I was a little girl, and I sort of miss it now. I went skydiving and was actually more afraid of the motion sickness than the heights aspect. I'm in law school but secretly wish I were an archaeologist, or a zoologist.

★Mel said...
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alexis said...

i am hoping to get pregnant soon.
i do pap smears for a living.
i once ate too many scones, got sick, then ate some more.

★Mel said...

1.-One of my best memories of my life was when I traveled last year to Japan alone and without speaking or understanding japanese.
2.-I´m an Interior Designer
3.-I love peanutbutter and jelly sandwich.


Janet Booth said...

I dream of being married & can't wait to become a mother ♥
I love to be unique whenever possible ♥
My stomach looks eight months pregnant and my doctors can not tell me why.

Giovanna said...

OMG Fifi, I adore your giveway!!
3 things about me:
I love painting
I'm a fashion designer
and I adore bunnies!!

Hope to have some luck!
Love your art!
My e-mail: giovanna.fashiondesign@gmail.com

zog_etiquette said...


1.I love Brian Eno, broadcast, & radio department.

2.I once fell asleep on a toilet at my second birthday party. My mother took photos.

3.soft mink is the name/color of my lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow. All by different brands, aaaaaannnnd all by accident.

my blogette:

Rawr said...

+ None of my dreams are in a language I recognize.

+ I am a research assistant by day, but an aerial acrobat by night!

+ I am double-jointed in every single joint (knee-caps included!)



ANC said...

1. I just started college five days ago
2. I am 17 and still don't have a driver's license
3. I love Ruby Gatta almost as much as I love you.


San-d said...

Happii Birthday FiFi!

3 Random Facts:
1. My ride is a Suzuki Lapin.
2. I am a shopaholic bookworm.
3. Love the rainbow but fav color is still green.

Shanon said...

1) I'm like Jerry Seinfeld when it comes to cereal, it's my default meal.
2) I have to have just the right amount of frosting on my Frosted Mini Wheats (fav cereal) so I hand pick them out of the box for the perfect bowl. The rejects get tossed! (My husband thinks that this is the funniest/strangest thing ever and has taken photos to document my insanity.)
3) I loathe spiders


Madeleine said...

1.On almost everything I eat, I read the ingredients.
2.I have OCD about people chewing with their mouth open.
3.The only pretzals I really like are the rold gold stick kind.

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