Whoops! I was a little late for the Burberry show last night and after standing about in the freezing cold I was finally let in to peek over the crowds instead of taking up my part of the bench between Mary-Kate and Daisy (as you can see they were obviously disappointed about that =;x)

It was a gorgeous show, I didn't expect anything less and by the final confetti fall there was a whole list of wanted outfits in my moleskine.

I'm off to find Sonny, he's the whole reason I was late, he borrowed my limo and was late to return it and my lovely driver. I'm going to do some serious Manolo foot stamping!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. more picis of the show here and here


Juliet said...

I'm sorry for spamming, but for those all with a US address have a chance to win free subscription of Harper's Bazaar on my blog!

juliet xxx

Roz said...

Wow.I wanted to go to LFW so much this year, esecially to shows such as this!
Its looks just great..


Wikifashion said...

I love the colour of the first dress, the sorbet colours at that show were divine :)

Antonio Barros said...

Don't be upset!

Mrs Fashion said...

Hello, I thought you should know...
I'm back blogging!

Who is naebyrd/ rna? said...

I can't stand waiting until tomorrow to see who will win your birthday contest!!! I hope it's me:)
BTW, I love seeing Fifi in Luella!!!!


GYY88 said...

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mskivaa said...

".. some serious Manolo foot stamping" LOL! :D how can you sounds so adorably snobbish? :D

Size 12 shoes said...

The first dress and model both are just gorgeous. Look at the attitude that girl has. So mind blowing.

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