Feeling Hopeful

Today I’m wearing Issa and flicking through travel brochures dreaming of my next holiday whilst munching on a lettuce leaf. I’m not on a diet by the way I just happen to like lettuce. Wherever I go I think I’ll try and fly Singapore Airlines. They offer proper first class treatment, a double bed complete with crisp white sheets sprinkled liberally with rose petals. I won’t want to get off the plane! Unless that is the destination is Neckar Island. Richard Bransons Caribbean hideaway that you can hire for yourself and 28 guests. I’d better start being nice to Daddy right away they both sound highly expensive!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin

p.s. seems that a hat is the thing for next season, can't wait to wear these...
(clockwise from top left - Ralph Lauren, L'Wren Scott and Isaac Mizrahi)

extracted from the latest issue of Hong Kong publication Little Thing Magazine...


Louise said...

Those hats are lovely! And you're looking very stylish today Fifi :)

Ain said...

Really nice~ =))

CDS said...

I like it better on you Fifi.

Tess said...

Fifi you're so cute:D

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