more great news

Phew, some very exciting things going on around here right now so thanks for your ongoing support. Without you I would be nothing! =;x)
The latest thing to get me happily hopping is this limited edition collection of t-shirts I did for online store ASOS. I am really pleased with them and I hope you are to. Click on the pictures to go to their website...
...but snap them up quick as I happen to know that they won't last long!

bunny kisses Fifi Lapin

p.s. I am working my paws to the bone to get my shop restocked so I can open it in time for Chrissie presents. Please be patient with me, I am hoping it will be this week!


Random Fashion Coolness said...

You're AMAZING! Such great work - so glad it's being recognised and snapped up by everyone!

The Style Strutter said...

I want one:)!!!!!!


San Smith said...

I love love love all these t-shirt designs you've collaborated on! I really want to get one - so cute!!

T-Charry said...

CONGRATS! That is really cool, hard work pays off...I want one, I'd rock it with the quickness =)

Angela said...

AHH!! you are getting t-shirt collabs let and right. They are so cute!

monica burnett said...

adorable, i think i like these ones the most!


Juliet said...

I just need to get one! I'm such a big fan of yours!

juliet xxx

Lucy in the Sky said...

woah, another collaboration! I loooove the light pink top! <3

Rocío said...

I am already looking for one!!!

les métamorphoses d'Alice said...

oh mais quelle travail merveilleux!!!

TheShoeGirl said...



Alexandra & Abbie Claire said...

wow those are awesome! haha i love this ones for forever 21!


solid wood furniture said...

Your work is amazingly fantastic! I hope I can also do such creative designs like that.

isa said...

weehee I m so happy with the tees just got them today via asos and the cards I did pick by chance at top shop while queuing to pay!so cool !bravo!xx isa aka fifi adict!

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