paris je t'aime

So as Promised my lovelies, here's a snap taken on my Diana camera of Sonny and I at the weekend in Paris on our little date courtesy of Eurostar. I'm wearing a rather lovely little Eley Kishimoto dress and Sonny is wearing Chloë Sevigny for O.C. I am rather partial to that pillar box red jacket and am wondering if it will fit me... Don't you love those green chairs that they have everywhere in the jardin des Tuileries? I wanted one but Sonny flatly refused to carry it home on the train for me. Plus I'm not sure where you would buy one from, I'll have to get my PA on it. They would look lovely in my courtyard.

So did you manage to see the McQueen show? I heard from my seat in the auditorium that the link had crashed because so many lady Gaga fans logged on after she tweeted about it. Oh the power of twitter eh!

Well you can still watch it over here and I must say it was pretty spectacular. Alexander certainly knows how to put on a show. The models looked as if they had been plucked from another planet and transported to earth via some magical power... they certainly didn't walk there themselves - those shoes were dangerous! Not sure how I'm going to tackle walking in those bad boys but look closely at the clothes themselves absolutely beautiful shapes complimented by intricate prints. I've got my eye on this one...

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Little Sparrow said...

Those green chairs are great :)
I love paris so much

Sid xx

Jessica fried said...

amazing fashion show.

Juliet said...

You're such a cute couple!

juliet xxx

Cat said...

Oh how exciting, to see a McQueen show! Diana cameras are fun too :)


Noémie K said...

this illustration is so cuuute !
mm love this post**°*°*

stella said...

I imagine the Alexander McQueen outfit will match perfectly with your cute ears... He surely thaught about you when he designed it. Stella.

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