Happy New Year!

hope all your wishes come true

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Tiffany said...

Happy new year FIFI.

Margaux. said...

happy new year! (just blogged about fifi)

Charlotte Notenboom said...

happy new year fifi!

hopa you'll post a lot of new things this year!

Krissy said...

You too, Fifi, my fabulous furry friend! May 2010 be kind to you in every way! I look forward to your posts over the coming year. :D

Catherine said...

Happy new year Mlle Fifi Lapin !

Walk The Sand said...

Love you pink top hat!

Have an awesome 2010.


Mary said...

Happy New Year Fifi!
You look faaabulous <3

Angel said...

Happy New Year for you too! :D great blog!! best wishes for you.

tatay said...

Happy New Year 2010!!

Random Fashion Coolness said...

Gorgeous post Fifi! I hope 2010 brings equal amounts of success and happiness x

sugar & spice said...

<3 happy 2010

Miss Theresa said...

Oh, Fifi! Hope you have a happy and glamourous 2010!!

Lucy in the Sky said...

you look amazing! have a wonderful new year

Tam said...

looking snazz fifi. i bought two packs of your christmas cards for topshop and my friends absolutely adored them, they were so perfect, as is this blog! <3

Indy Grrrl said...

Happy New Year! I love your work, and I cannot wait until your etsy shop is open again.

Lali Cristina said...

Happy new year! Ur looking killer on that look! Just got my Fifi t/shirt a beltaed xmas present and I'm very excited! Please make some more!

maiohwn. said...

love your blog !!!!
happy 2010 ^^

will you follow me aswell ?


love, isabella

vintageveggie said...

looking smokin hot fifi!

Lola said...

If only could dress half as stylishly as you. Happy New Year, FIFI!

Dawn M said...

Happy News Year, look forward to seeing more of your posts!

Marina said...

I remember seeing that picture in one of my magazines! I can't remember which one it was... but, I cut it out and it's in my clippings collage. Great sketch and the hat looks great! Enjoy 2010!

mintage-fashion said...

happy new year fifi!
looking forward to the new years blogs!
xxx much love.

PS. I love that outfit, then again. I love all your outfits!

keetee said...

Happy New Year!!

Juliet said...

Happy New Year!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

happy new year!
happy 2010.

Christina Love said...

Love the blog!


Carmen said...

happy new year, fifi! can't wait to see all your fabulous fashion finds in 2010!!

<3 modelinia

CDS said...

happy new year fifi! tu est tres mignon!

Teresa said...

Do you know how much I am adoring your style!
Oh my goodness...
just makes my heart go pitter patter!
I hope you don't mind...
but I am grabbing me a bunny button for my blog!
Oh...can't wait!

SK said...

love the new pose fifi!

yeah said...

love your bolg
it's very cute
and the bunny..omg i love♥♥ the bunny
haha is the best
the clothes are veryveryvery beautiful

Ami Schaheera said...

Happy New Year Fifi!

madeleinemiranda said...

Happy New Year!!!!

B's Blog said...

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sylvia said...

היי, היה לי את הבלוג fashion from sweden ואם קראת את הבלוג שלי (וגם אם לא :P ) אז את מוזמנת לבלוג החדש שלי :)

The Fashion Buzz said...

Happy New Year Fifi, we now have a brand new blog header inspired by you.

Silvia e Meg. said...

congrats! Your blog is great! <3

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

happy new year fifi!

Eva said...

Happy New Year Fifi! Can't wait for more trendy posts from u! :D

U're awesome!

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Nishant said...

hope you'll post a lot of new things this year!

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dbteo said...

hehehe..love the bunny tail.

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