Well here's that Erdem dress that I promised to show the my twitterites last Friday. I was suddenly taken ill and had to take to my bed so couldn't wear this little beauty after all. Oh woe is me, I seem to be spending a lot of time tucked up recovering from something or other recently. Oh well, all better now and what better way to start the week than by wearing only the most coveted designer of the moment... and here's the scoop of the day. Erdem very kindly granted me a gorgeous interview for my book and dressed me in the most fabulous gown for a very special evening... you'll have to wait for the book to see it though!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Grigalashvili A. said...

You look really pretty, Fifi!
You have the best blog!

FIFI LAPIN said...

aw thank you!

Miss Molly said...

this is too gorg for words! love your ensembles! xoxo

Artpixie said...

so amazing

Eisya Nursyams said...

very fashionable bunny that i ever seen!
feeling not so well?? urgh.. i hope u'll get better soon. drink a lot of plain water, have a deep rest n.. u may have tea n ur cake! freshen up ur life lil' bunny!!

Anna said...

love you Fifi Lapin, im really in love with your style and the way you look, you'r so cute... <3

m.fay said...

oh fifi, you look fantastic, you sweet thing! you have a great style. found you today. stop by and say hello sometime:


Mega Aulia said...

that dress suits you well <3

Miy said...

Oh I love this dress dear Fifi..


The Picnic Girl

Poppy Gets a Life said...

Oh Fifi, I do hope you feel better soon! What a lovely dress - looks just fabulous on you, darling.

Poppy xox

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sienasimmons said...

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Alice Thomas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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