Vogue it!


Faith said...

Fifi, you're the most fashionable animal alive!!! I love your outfits, and I'm so very excited to submit my entry to the contest! Long live luella!


Lady Moriarty said...

Oh Fifi, this outfit in the middle is sooo lovely !

Everything suits you !

See U !

Tamára said...

I love that dress on the right!


curtisculbert said...

I really hope that was not so trendy that younger age (like me) can have access to! I love clothes, and I'm so excited to make my entry in the contest! Celebrating Luella!
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Beckerman Girls said...

Fifi!!! You melt my heart!!! I'd let you style me anyday :)
Lots of love,
xoxoxo Beckerman Girls


Ros said...

This blog is adorable :)

joshylola said...

Great picture, Fifi is very cute :D

Perth Lawyers said...

Lol..cute as usual..lovely like the first and second outfits most

agirlastyle said...

Looking divine Miss Lapin! And Vogue, I wouldn't expect anything less for a rabbit as fabulous as you my dear (but still, congratulations!)

Miss B xx


Anonymous said...

Fifa you should come visit us at Vintroville on Hackney Road, you would love Vivika the elderley he/she that works in our shop



blogging is cheap said...

Adorabunny! I'm particularly enamoured with the bunny in the green stockings. If they were orange though they'd look too much like carrots, so I'm rather pleased that disaster has been averted.

Anonymous said...

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AllFruitsRipe said...

This is too Cute!!!


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designer replica handbags said...

your drawings are adorable! love ém!
i admire your blog...thanks for sharing your fashion ideas. we learn a lot!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


panda_Rita said...

I love the colours in this piece!