Can't wait to wear... Paris

Sharon Wauchob
Anne Valérie Hash
Dries Van Noten
 Limi Feu
Mannish Arora
Nina Ricci

Some more Parisian goodness for my shopping list!

bunny kisses
Fifi Lapin


Surita said...

The Mannish Arora outfit is so vibrant! I love the shoulders.


kingaaaa said...

ah, I'm totally in love with Balmain look!

Fishy. said...

i like, i like. :D

Anička/Rozárka said...

i'm in love with first and second outfit :)

ashton said...


Laura Sherriffs said...

The Balmain coat is beautiful!

And I love Manish Arora's shoulderpads. amazing



Ylenia said...

I am (negatively) impres by the size of the second model... -2?

certain pictures should not be published.....


Lady Moriarty said...

Balmain is booooring, every season looks like the last one !

But I like Nina Ricci a lot

See U !

Bec Bardoel said...

So amazing!

please check my blog out, have some amazing art, interior and fashion inspirations :-)

im also studying full time at RMIT doing a BA Textile Design!


xx Bec

Rosa&Carlotta said...

Paris <3
I'm in love with Balmain!

check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)

Nicole Richie Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love.
Great looks xx

Keri said...

Limi Feu - want!!

Bantik said...

Oh my...how come I managed to find your blog only now!!!

You're so cute and amazing.

Lara said...

I received my book from UK.Can anyone help me to verify this book is FIRST EDITION or not?Thank you.


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Fifi, these are really gorgeous selections!! I just bought your wonderful book "What shall i wear today" and im LOVING it. I am a huge fan of your work. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Gina Ray said...

i love the balenciaga... that is crazy hardcore chic...

LM photografic said...

your blog is great!!
i love your little rabbits :)

Fashion Queen said...

I love Paris Fashion Weeks.

Solicitors Melbourne said...

love the silky piece and that lace black dress

Leonado said...

ah, what a dream Paris (:


Cindy said...

Balmain is to die for!


ooh-lalà said...

i love nina ricci collection !

Freja Wewer Hjernøe said...

I just came by your blog and i think it's very inspiring and actuallt quite cool, very nice. I'm def. a new follower.
Good Work.

^^ Take a look and follow me if you like.

menina elegante said...

I love the nina ricci outfit!! Beautiful! I love it! :)

menina elegante

bella said...

Mannish Arora shoulders are the best!

DebbieJ said...

I love them all!




martienn said...

amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

if, you want follow me :*** <3

Légend'Aire said...

Just find that your rabbits are beautiful. Great work.

smallsecretsotre@maboitede.com said...

Love your rabbits. Great work.

Anonymous said...

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