Looks I'll be rockin next season - Vivienne Westwood Red Label

Today I'm wearing Spring/Summer 2011 Vivienne Westwood Red Label in honour of her gorgeous show which I attended on Sunday. I don't think I can pull off the makeup but I can't wait to get my paws on one of those crowns!

See more of this gorgeous collection here

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin 


Getsemaní Feliú said...

Hi! Fifi... I knew your blog a few days ago, & I think you're awsome!
Now I'm cheking it from the begin, of course.
I would like ask you something... Have you been wear some outfit of Angelic Pretty? It's A Japanese Brand, I really wish see you wearing some of these dresses.

Could you check this web page please?


Getsemaní Feliú/ From Chile

lady thirty said...

looking good!

Jo' said...

Hi ! I'm so happy to discover your blog, I'm working for Pimkie, in France and I'm seen all your pictures for us! So great !
I follow you now

Sorry, I d'ont speak english very well...

Lola said...

Fifi! You look super cute in the trench coat, even cuter than the model ;)

p.s. you should know, my current facebook pic is of you, to honour your brilliance!

Love theeeeee!


emma said...

nice and different clother :)
everything alright with you ?

Miss Woody said...

gorgeous blog!

Rossella said...

lovely post
let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries

hearttypat said...

that bow shoes! those tops! *a lot of excitement!!!!!!!!!!!*

Anonymous said...

When can I buy Fifi Lapin's products in Poland? You are kawaii, Fifi! <33'
I must have t-shirt with you! <33'

athier said...

great bloooog! Lovely pictures!
x athena.