A very important announcement!

Hey guys,

Just thought I should let you know that lucky old me will be going on my Christmas holidays at the beginning of December... of course you are invited to come along too - don't worry I can squeeze you in my suitcase via my gold plated ipad!

So without me here to play shop I have no choice but to close my store on 1st December. Yes I know in reality it's only just opened but this way you'll have plenty of time to get your orders before Christmas day!

So if you were planning to give the gift of Fifi this year what are you waiting for? Go get shopping!

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin 

p.s. By the way my 50 days print is now available for pre-order, it sold out so quickly I wasn't ready to restock quick enough!


Beatriz Peña Fotografía said...

Super chula la ilustración :)

karin said...

Beautiful post FIFI. I want to get all the store. Everything is so cute. I´ll check it right now. Kisses from www.stylepicture.blogspot.com

Ophelia said...

Have fun on holidays!


SassyUptownChic said...

Your products are so BEAUTIFUL! I will definitely be back to buy a tote. LOVE IT!!! :D

Night at Vogue said...

I want to get myself presents a la Fifi!

Chrissi Lai said...

Let me practice my contortionist tricks Fifi! Ooooo remind me to bring some money for souvenirs!

A Love For Vogue
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Dress and Dish: Lana said...

I have to save up to get everything I want from your store and it is closing for the holidays so to speak! Boo Hoo...it's okay. I probably will have enough after you re-open anyways!! Keep up the good work, Fifi!

Agata said...

I love the blog!
see this post :-*