Me old China!

Hi Pinnettes!  

I just found these photos I took an age ago of the traditional Chinese version of my book. I absolutely adore the new styling they've done, especially the hidden front cover!

bunny kisses 
Fifi Lapin

My tushe on the hidden front cover

Oooh digging out my brogues as we speak. Forgot all about this little tip!

From left; Charles Anastase, Eley Kishimoto, Lacoste

mini carrots yummy!

Lovely little Stella pup. Currently on the sofa upside down with all 4 legs in the air!

the Fifi face pack recipe

The inside back cover and book sleeve

Rockin some Preen


Tara said...

This is such a beautiful book, Fifi! It's both elegant and super cute - just like a certain little bunny rabbit!

Best Wishes,


Becky | life.style.flash. said...

Somehow it looks even prettier with traditional Chinese writing!

Such a gorgeous book...

Becky | life.style.flash. x

Alia said...

I remember when I first got that book in English!
For 4 months I was searching for it in bookstores and didn't want to buy it online because I was stupid and finally when I went to London for my New Year vacation I found it in a bookstore in Oxford and was basically so HAPPY and my little sister said "all that for a book?" and then I had to explain that it wasn't just a book it was a guide to a fashionable life!
I will never forget that day!


Rita Of Course said...

LOVE IT! Looking awesome Fifi

Melissa Kojima said...

Wow! You're truly international, Fifi! Congrats on the Chinese book! I love it.

Lucy Chen said...

I have the Chinese book! Yeah!

john cena said...

This is a beautiful book at nice pattren, thanks for sharing...

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